7 Things To Remember When You Are Feeling Worthless

 In our life, we all have been to a point where everything went wrong, nothing worked in our favor and then we got sad and frustrated.

We try to control the situation, hold our emotions in front of our family, and cry out loud by soaking our face against the pillow.

I know this feeling is terrible when we feel like- "I am Worthless!", "I am a burden to my family!"

At that moment we only want peace! Peace inside our heart, mind, and everywhere around us.

When we are hit back by a sudden change or a negative situation that is not in our control, we are often surrounded by negative emotions.

feeling worthless

I would say it's okay to feel worthless at some point- because only then you would be able to recognize your true self.

However, continuously repeating negative self-talk and feeling bad about yourself will lead you to more negative situations. 

Let's think of what you can do when you are feeling low, sad, and worthless.

Here are the top 07 things to remember whenever you feel worthless:

Things to remember worthless

1. This feeling is temporary-

Before you make up your mind based on the current emotions that you are feeling-remember that it is as temporary as the weather. Just as the climate changes from cold to hot then again gets into the freezing zone the same way our emotions step up.
When something good happens to us we feel happy, when something doesn't happen according to our own will, we feel sad or depressed.

Do not let your brain control you and do not take any permanent action because of a temporary feeling.

2. Think of something positive-

Being in a vulnerable state often takes us into the depressing zone and we over-analyze every small thing. Either we bring something hurtful from the past or we overthink about a comment someone made on our social media.

Of course, it's hard to think of those things that are already working out and which we don't even know about. Our mind catches more of what we already feel. So, to think positive first you have to speak positive and feel positive.

You can try practicing positive self-talk and also read this article that can guide you to focus more on positivity.

3. You are perfect in your way-

There can never be a person as unique as you. Do not think that you are a bad person and feel guilty about yourself. Negative situations come in everyone's life but they are meant to make us stronger and wiser.

Do not ever feel like you are not made for this world. Think about your loved ones, your family, and those who are connected to you. They love you the way you are.

Instead of feeling worthless, make them proud, and love yourself more every day.

4. Find your purpose- 

Life will twist you up, will shake you up, and make you feel uncomfortable but that's how life works. Even if you don't feel like it now, but you do have a purpose, a reason- why you are here!

It's okay to not knowing everything about your purpose or your future, but believing in it and setting good intentions within yourself will take you closer to your dreams.

Bad things happen so that you can challenge yourself and lift yourself. Instead of quitting and feeling depressed, ask yourself- "Why you are here?" "What is your purpose?"
Asking yourself certain questions will allow you to look at things differently.

5. Start moving-

There is nothing better than doing a physical workout be it just walking only. Studies have always suggested that working out at least 30 minutes a day impacts our mood on a different level.

No, I won't suggest you to do a HIIT workout or start doing aerobics when you are not feeling worthy, because I also cannot do it.

Instead, the only best thing you can do is start moving. Go for a walk, or roam around your bedroom, do anything that you can but don't just sit idle. As sitting ideally can lead you to think more of negative thoughts which you don't want.

6. Start writing what you feel-

Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you to get clarity. Journaling is not only good to boost your mood but also prevents you from overthinking as you become aware of all the thoughts that are running inside your mind.

Journaling gives you many benefits. Some of them include- managing anxiety, lowering the levels of stress, coping with depression, etc.

When you are feeling vulnerable or worthless, start writing about your feelings and ask the reason behind them. Once you get accustomed to writing your feelings, you will see a major shift in yourself.

7. Share with someone you love-

Keeping your feelings bottled and not sharing them with your loved ones will suck the happiness out of you. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with someone will relieve your burden and make you feel relaxed.

In case you are afraid of talking about your feelings with someone because you think they will judge you then try joining mental health groups/communities both online and offline. There you will get people with various mental health issues and the methods they are using to deal with them.

You can get advice from people like you and build connections with them. In this way, you will be able to resolve your issues and take better care of yourself.

Final Thoughts

The feeling of worthlessness is a common feeling that most of us experience. There is nothing wrong with how you feel, so don't judge yourself based on that.
Try to be patient with yourself and start taking care of yourself.
There is nobody who will teach you how to love yourself. 

Watch out this motivational video I found on Youtube-

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