Are you stuck in your life? - Find your purpose now!

Our 20's, 30's and even 40's are that age where you would find a lot of people saying- they are not happy with their life. Even getting a luxurious house, expensive car, marrying their dream life partner, they would still cribble about their worries. People living in abundance can't get enough of enough!

If you are also a lot like them, you have wondered and worried about your life purpose for a very long time and filtered various books, magazines, journals, and even attended seminars on it then you are most probably going to get your answer over here.

We all have a purpose to live. The need is to find it. And by purpose, I am not referring to finding only the plan and structure of your career, (although career plays an important role in your life) but there is more than a career and profession.

Before we go down and find some practical tips on finding our life's purpose let's first go through other relevant subjects.

Why do you feel stuck in life?

There are days where you feel lost and stuck in life. You sit on your bed, scrolling through your every social media platform, watching the people doing the best in their lives and then you wonder- what are you doing in your life? and you feel guilty!

Not knowing what you want to do in life isn't an extraordinary thing. There are a lot of people dealing with this kind of feeling. 
For thousands of years, humans are made to learn how to walk, talk, eat, and behave. After growing up, a lot of responsibilities are bestowed upon us and we are forced to do such things, not knowing exactly what do we want in life.

We have made certain false objectives or goals to achieve so as to look successful in our life and when those goals are not achieved we feel sad and lost. When we are doing something which we don't like, say, you are doing a 9-5 job just for the sake of earning money, when you truly don't enjoy your job, may cause you to feel stuck and failed.

Questions to help you find your purpose

In order to move through the steps of finding your life's purpose, you need to ask yourself these questions that can guide you and help you stay focused.

  1. What makes you happy?
  •  What do you love to do?
  • What activities do you enjoy the most?
  • Which thing or situation makes you excited about your future?
  2. How does your perfect life look like?
  •  Which scenarios make the best of your future?
  • What are you willing to do to make your ideal future?
  • What your profession would be after 5 or 10 years?
   3. How can you make a contribution to the world?
  • What world problems are disturbing you?
  • How can you help the needy?
  • What would you do to help them? 
Figure out and examine what these statements are focusing upon and then follow the below-mentioned steps to know your life purpose.

Find your life purpose in 4 easy steps

Does this also happens with you when you are doing something but not with passion or enthusiasm? Maybe you don't like doing it but you have no other option?

I have also been through that situation when I had to do something which I didn't like doing but I had to do it anyway and then I wondered what is the purpose of my existence? why am I doing something which I hate doing but also I didn't know what interests me until I found my passion for writing!

See, we all go through those tough times, but they are not meant to break us, instead, they force us to get out of our comfort zones but unfortunately, we don't realize it.

Everybody comes with his own purpose in this life. Some devote their whole lives in taking care of everyone else's needs while others spend their life by running behind money.

Here are the 4 easy steps that can help you in finding your life's purpose but before that, you must believe that you have a mission, a goal, and a purpose only then these steps can assist you.

  • Find out what you love to do
We are all born with unique talents and abilities which are part of our personality. Talents are inborn while the skills we have to learn. There is no man in this world who does not have skills inside him, all he needs to do is recognize them and find them but how will he do so? By exploring which things makes him happy and which things he doesn't like to do. 
This takes us to the above question 1 that is explained already.
Also, if you think you are old enough to master many skills, let me tell you there is no age for learning. You can learn anything at any age so you need not worry about that.

  • Create your own life purpose statement  
Take a few moments and sit in a quiet position and ask yourself how do you want your life should be? Imagine your perfect life and write it down. Keep writing whatever is coming to your mind and let that motivation work for you for a few minutes. Even if you feel a bit emotional, let your emotions out because at this time you are creating your perfect dream life so let the emotions flow. After writing it, feel free to revisit it and let it inspire you. 

  • Follow your inner guidance
You might have heard that you have an inner guidance system that assists you while making any decision and you may have wondered that you don't have that inner guidance. It is similar to the GPS system that you have on your phone or car that guides you towards the right path or direction. 
 This can help you to follow your inner guidance.

  • Stop trying to please other people
You were not born in this world to please other people nor to live your life according to their expectations. Even if you are doing any social work which satisfies your soul never do it to please someone. You are the creator of your own life, be sure you are solely responsible for the actions or situations happening in your life.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has a purpose on this earth and to find that purpose you need to be present and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Give your best effort to the present moment and always work hard to manifest your desired life.
You cannot achieve anything by sitting idle or by complaining about your present life. If you want to achieve anything in life, first you have to create that intention and the willingness to accomplish it.

This post is only meant to guide you and show you the right path, but it is you who has to take the correct action. Also, don't beat yourself up or compare yourself to others as you are different from everyone else.


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