Criticizing yourself can be your worst enemy! Know How ?

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         If you have a friend who speaks to you the same way, you sometimes speak to yourself, how long he would be your friend?

You will say, I would immediately cut off contact with him because he speaks rubbish to me and for me.

But have you ever realized, that you are your biggest enemy when you speak those toxic and bad words for yourself!

Our mind is always thinking something depending on what circumstances are on the outside.
When we have a dream, that is also caused by the thought patterns of our mind.
Hence, about 95% of the time our mind keeps on thinking except when we are in deep sleep.

Someone who is disempowering us, or not supporting us, or taunting us all of the time, we may not like to be with them, because all we are getting is negative vibes from them.
But how can we run away from ourselves?
When we do negative self-talk, we don't have the option to run away, all we can do is stop that thought, change that thought, and focus on the good thought.

This is why, it is always said that - "Be careful of how you speak because your mind adapts what you say!"

 Our thoughts are being sent to the universe in the form of vibrations.
So it depends on us, that if we would like to send positive energy or negative energy above there.

Once you understand that your words and thoughts can become reality, will you repeat those same words again today?

For example, your partner is going for a job interview, what will you say to them? 
"Good luck! Do well! I am sure you will kill it."
Or are you going to say, "You cannot pass this interview?  It is not meant for you."

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Then why do you say negative words to yourself?
 Why you are always criticizing yourself?
 Why you are cursing yourself all the time?

If you have made a mistake and you are guilty of it, accept that mistake and promise yourself to not repeat that mistake again. It's as simple as that.

For instance, yesterday you promised yourself that you simply would depart the habit of drinking alcohol, but today again you had a glass of it maybe you had an urge of it, or you were with your friends who insisted you up and when you realized this thing, you started saying to yourself - "I cannot keep my promise to myself, I know I cannot leave this habit, this will ruin my entire life and I will not achieve success and blah blah blah!"

Dear, stop it! Take a pause and look at what you are saying to yourself. By speaking all of those negative words you are allowing yourself to do more of that thing which you earlier promised to quit. 

The most important thing to focus on is how you speak to yourself. Because the more frequently you say bad words to yourself, the more quickly they will become your reality.
So, the impact of self-talk is much deeper than anything else said to us.

Here's what you can do to stop criticizing yourself :

  • Recreate the scene - Suppose you are angry over someone who did not listen to you and you spoke bad words to them. After a few minutes, you realized that you should not have said so negative words to them and now you are criticizing yourself for your overreacting behavior and anger.
Instead of wasting your time and energy into criticizing, close your eyes and visualize that same scene that happened a few hours ago, and think again what could you have said instead of what already you said. Your mind will work in a logical way, and you will realize that this is also what you can do.
This is the most powerful technique to calm your mind.
  • Shift your thoughts - Our minds' role is to think. It will think and then create our reality. Thus, if you want to live a peaceful life, start thinking positively. Whenever you catch yourself speaking negative words to yourself, change your thoughts on your skills, your talents, your achievements, your happiness. 
 Remember, what you want others to speak to you, firstly speak those phrases to yourself. Appreciate yourself!

  • Respect yourself - It's never selfish to think about ourselves and about our goals and career until and unless we are defaming someone else. We have more than thousands of thoughts with ourself which we don't share with anybody. It is just we are speaking to ourselves. So talk with yourself like you would talk with someone whom you respect a lot and treat as your role model. 
  • Believe that everything happens for a reason - You had a breakup, you lost someone whom you loved immensely and he/she left you. You will start thinking maybe it was my fault. I didn't make him happy or I didn't know how to balance between career and relationships. You would have these kinds of thoughts in the morning but mostly at night when you are about to sleep. ( I get negative thoughts in the night when I am on my bed trying to sleep ). Then I think like maybe it was meant to be and I cannot change it. Everything in our lives happens for a reason, we don't know it yet, but after some months or years, we realize and thank God for this change.

When you will start believing that everything is happening for good, you will automatically stop your critical thinking. I am sure when you will start to be aware of your thoughts, you would have a more positive outlook towards your life and you will recreate your life from a negative to a positive one.

Be careful of what you speak to yourself because your mind is thinking and creating it.

I believe this article has surely helped you to understand the effect of self - criticism and how can it be harmful to you and your life.
Write down your views about this article below in the comment box and start loving yourself.

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