7 Ways To Improve Your Mood Quickly

We have all been there- Sometimes it's a bad day at work, or a fight with a friend, or the sudden death of a pet animal and etc.

We all try to stay happy and delightful every day but there are certain factors that influence our mood- maybe it is diet, sleeping schedule, that time of the month, finance issues, weather, health, social media, and what not!

And then we wonder why we are so annoyed, or why we have sudden cravings? It's because we are unaware of these tiny things that affect our mood and ultimately our mental health.

Life is crazy, you go through from being a happy person and suddenly take a toll when you don't want to talk to anyone.

Well, if you also wonder about what to do when in a bad mood then don't worry here are certain tips for you to get out of that zone instantly and become an energetic soul.

7 ways to improve your mood quickly

Because of 1 bad thing that happens to us, we decide to be in the bad mood for the rest of the day and accept it as it is. Instead of allowing the situation or thing to affect us, we must find out its root and seek solutions to get out of that particular thing.

Here are 7 ways to quickly get out of a bad mood:

1. Identify what's bothering you-

Sometimes there is hardly any serious reason for us to get sad or be in a sad mood, but we don't really know so we binge into emotional-eating.  Women may have this thought that this is just a PMS and start eating junk because of that. While men may indulge in drinking alcohol.
Before you move to stress eating, for once, ask yourself-"What is bothering me?" "Why am I annoyed?"

Once you have the clarity about Introspecting yourself you can take action towards it without depending on others.

2. Tune into happy music-

It has been scientifically proven that music has positive effects on us. In fact, music is an excellent stress reliever and is used in various pain management centers and hospitals to ease patients.

But we have this habit of wrapping ourselves into sad music, sad films, being alone whenever we are in a bad mood which ultimately makes us sadder.
So next time, if you want to shift your mood into a happy one, tune into your energetic playlist and jump onto the floor to dance.

3. Seek sunlight-

Do you know that sitting for just 5 minutes under the sunlight can boost our mood? According to Healthline sunlight not only provides us vitamin D but also releases a chemical, called serotonin, which makes a person calm and relaxed.
When there is less exposure to the sun, our serotonin level starts to decrease which may result in chronic depression.

It's important to take proper sunlight and what's better than absorbing the rays of the sun in the winter season?

4. Choose right over unhealthy-

How many times have you raced towards the kitchen or fridge whenever you were feeling low? Eating food because of stress or other issues is known as emotional eating.

Jumping into ice-creams, a packet of chips, alcohol won't help you instead will give you major health problems.
So why choose unhealthy, when you have so many healthier and tastier options in front of you!
Studies suggest that eating foods rich in Omega-3 acids prevents depression and mental illness. So, include nuts, seeds, milk, and other good food products in your diet

5. Allow yourself to vent-

When you have bottled up your emotions for a very long time, you may experience anger or frustration. Crying helps to release toxins from the body and improves our mood.
You may have felt relaxed the last time you cried. This is because you threw the negative emotions out of your body and lighten the burden inside your heart.

Next time, if you feel the urge to cry, then cry yourself out and relax your body and mind. 
Remember-Crying is never a sign of weakness or shame.

6. Pray-

It is always suggested whenever someone is in a bad mood, then he should try meditation. But how can someone sit in a position to meditate? I can never do so especially when I am stressed about something.

The only thing I do is- I pray. I pray to God and cry out loud in front of him. Because I know only he can sort out my problems and lift me up, no matter how many times I fall.

It doesn't matter how much money you have or how busy you are, taking 5 minutes out of your day to go to a temple or church will not make you a small person.

Pray and let God do wonders for you!

7. Feel the abundance-

Often times we look for those things that we haven't received or got and make ourselves sad, but what about those miracles and magic that happen every day? Those miracles about whom we aren't even aware of. 

Can you think of a miracle you witnessed the last time? Looking for positivity around you when you are engulfed in negativity can be tough. However, only these small things and being grateful for what you already have can lighten up your mood.

Final Words

Tried up everything and still aren't able to achieve that happy mood? Then you must seek professional help before things get out of hand. 

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