A Guide To Cope Up With Negativity Around You

 Do you have any friends or co-workers who are negative in any way? It's easy to listen to others, who say - "To stay away from negative people" but what if that one negative person is your spouse, your family member, or the guy you work with?

Of course, we all know that we are not in la-la land where there is positivity everywhere, the world is filled with those people too who are always talking rubbish and making others feel bad about themselves.

No matter where you go or what you do, you will always find a person thinking the opposite of you. It's not that they are bad or evil, it's just that you cannot match your vibes with them.

Let's look at an example; There is an employee in a company who is getting a good amount of salary but wants to quit his job and he goes to his HR with the resignation letter burning a hole in his pocket and tells him that he doesn't want to continue anymore. So, the HR asked him- "What's the matter?" to which the employee complaint that- "The atmosphere here is not good which affects my mental peace"  as his subordinates were into malpractices and this was not what he signed up for.

So in this case, he preferred his principles over getting a good amount of salary.

In this guide, you will identify who is a negative person and how to stay away from him to protect your positive energy. 

Who is a negative person?

A negative person can be anyone in your life, irrespective of what sort of relationship you have with them. There are many ways in which you can find that the other person is causing disturbance to your life emotionally and mentally. Someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, make you sad, doesn't let you live peacefully is a negative person and from whom you have to maintain a distance.

In addition, there are plenty of other signs which you can find in a pessimistic person.

  • Someone who constantly complains about every little thing in his life.
  • Someone who backbites everyone and criticize people.
  • Someone whose thinking is negative about everything.
  • Someone who assumes that they are right; while everyone else is wrong.
  • Someone who plays the victim card almost every time.
  • Someone toxic as in they emotionally blackmails you to take your advantage.
  • Someone who never supports your decisions and are always ready to pull you down.
  • Someone who instantly makes you feel low whenever you meet them.
If you can easily identify these traits in others, or if you think you have some of these traits that make you bad and vulnerable then you need to work upon them because you can disrupt your relationships with others.

Here's how to know if you are becoming a toxic person:

Strategies To Deal With Negative People

1. Don't take anything personally:

I often get offended by the way people respond to me because I always assume to receive as much as I am willing to give. But when I don't get the same efforts, it hurts me and I am sure you might be also on the same verge. 
In this case, we don't know what the other person is going through, maybe they too are upset because of someone, maybe their health is not good, maybe they are feeling alone and irritated so they are behaving like this and it's not good for us to take their words seriously. 
Just dodge and don't let their words control your mind.

2. Try to ignore the negative comments:

If someone at your work, or in your family is giving you a negative comment which makes you feel bad such as: "You have gained weight" or "The business you are doing will not take you anywhere", JUST IGNORE THEM! The best way to reply to them is to say "okay" and work hard and let your success make the noise!

3. Create a positive environment around yourself:

The atmosphere you live in creates who you are. The people, places, things build your personality so it's essential to let positivity spread into your aura, and for that, you have to start letting those people and things into your life who motivates you and lift you. 
Social media plays an important part in the well being of our mind. It's the internet only that makes us happy or sad. Remove those friends, relatives, celebrities out of your social networking accounts who make you feel bad about yourself and start making connections with those who level you up.

4. You are responsible for your reaction:

Whether a person is negative or not, it's you who perceives them either negative or positive, so you are responsible for your thoughts and the way you react. It is totally up to you that you want to sit in one place and let those negative thoughts consume you or listen and forget them.
You must understand that only you are the creator of your destiny, so you can't let any negative situation or person affect you that much that you can't focus on anything.
Try to divert your mind onto other things such as playing a sport, talking and hanging out with your friends, listening to good music, doing a meditation that can help you in real.

5. Avoid or reduce contact with them:

Finally, if you are feeling that no other option is helping you, it's time to limit your contact with them. If the other person is your friend, it is better to tell them what is bothering you and maintain a distance from them until you get rid of all those things they told you. If you are waiting for an answer from them, then I am sorry, you won't get any. They will never give you an explanation about their changed behavior.
If you are at the same work, take measures to limit the opportunities to talk to them, stay busy in your work, and don't think much about them.


It's not easy to get rid of someone who holds a special place in your heart but if that person's words or actions are disturbing you a lot then you have to take an action because you can't let them ruin your space and mental peace.
In your life, wherever you will go, you will find some people who will criticize you and those around them. The best way to respond to such people is to limit the conversation to quick replies and not let their words suck the happiness out of your life.

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