How to Deal with Negative Thoughts


Sometimes when we are eating, small gravel comes and stuck in between our teeth, and when we realize it what do we do?

Do we swallow it or throw it?

Of course, we throw it. We never gulp it and say it's okay. It isn't a big deal! 

We are so much aware of what to put inside our bodies physically. 

But have you ever realized what are you putting inside mentally?

Whenever something happens to us physically, the first thing we hear from our doctor is - "Change your diet" "Take care of your diet". Because diet is the reason for our physical wellbeing.

And our thoughts are the reason for our mental wellbeing. Our thoughts determine if we are mentally healthy or not. 

Moreover, if a person is physically ill, he/she has the power to get okay with his/her thinking pattern.

Now, what is positive thinking and negative thinking?

Positive Thinking vs Negative Thinking

Positive thinking is a word which we have heard several times in our life. When someone is sad or upset we always console him by saying - Think Positive, everything will get okay.
On the other hand, when something bad happens to us, we cannot help but think negatively.
We say these negative thoughts automatically come inside our minds and disturb our mental peace.

Negative Thinking is of various kinds such as- fear, worry, being compared with someone else, jealousy, overthinking the situation, again and again, holding on a grudge against someone, getting hurt by someone's words, and even hating somebody or ourselves.

While positive thinking is the opposite of all types of negative thinking such as getting happy, excited, feeling loved, letting go of the past, having faith in the universe, being confident, and believing in ourselves.

How to know if your thoughts are positive or negative?

Any thought, feeling, or emotion which disturbs your peace of mind is directing towards negative thinking and we all know that what negative thinking is.

We know that negative thinking is not good for us. However, we cannot stop ourselves from thinking negatively.
We might say that we are trying to remain calm but it's easy to say than done.
To find out why we think negatively, first we have to find its source.
What is the root of this thought? Why my thoughts are disturbing my peace of mind.

Can you guess what is the origin of your thoughts? 
If a child comes late at home, parents start thinking what if something bad happened to him? What if he/she ran away from home? What if he is stuck in a situation where he cannot or do not want to come out?

All of these thoughts are derived from the day to day materials that we see, read and listen.
The information that we perceive from our surroundings is the source of our thoughts.

  • Listening and reading more of the bad news such as car accidents, rape news, murder.
  • Watching sad movies or crime shows with full concentration.
  • Listening to sad songs all of the time.
  • Being with someone who always complaints about his life.
  • Surrounded by toxic people.
All of these and more are the diet which we are feeding to our mind.

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts?

If you will say that I want to stop these thoughts from coming in my mind and making space, then I would say, - you cannot stop them.
Our brain can't stop thinking.
Like its the duty of our heart to beat continuously, our digestive system must digest the food we eat and flush out the remaining toxins, in the same way, our brain performs the duty of thinking. 
However, we can dominate it to change its thinking.
For that, we have to be aware of what our mind is thinking.

Here are some tips to change our negative thinking into positive ones:

1. When you wake up, it is not your duty to check what your friends have posted. You do not have to bother so much about people's stories. Also, do not start surfing your Facebook, as you might see some devastating news that can disturb your mind and your whole day will be affected by this.
Stop using the phone the first thing in the morning.

2. Start valuing your life more. If you are currently struggling with some issues, try to celebrate the more things you have in your life.
For example, if you are jobless right now, think about it differently. You wake up according to your time, you are spending more time with yourself, you have a supporting family. And side by side also searches for your dream job. Do not sit ideal and weep.

3. Become aware of your thoughts. As soon as you realize that your mind starts thinking negatively, make yourself clear that you will not let this influence your mind. When you will not entertain these thoughts and give attention to them, they cannot disturb your peace.

4. If you find yourself thinking negatively or pessimistic, ask yourself - Is This Important For Me? Will It Effect Me After 5 Years? If your answer is No. Then be happy and your thoughts will automatically change.

5. Write your thoughts on paper. Start journalizing and whatever you are feeling just write it down. In this way, you will able to let go of those thoughts and you can check if those thoughts are valid or not!

Bonus Tip: Sweat It Out!
It has been proven that working out has great benefits on both our physical and mental health.
The endorphins which release after working out helps us to focus on more positive things. 


Remember, it is only our fear and anxiousness which makes us a negative person. If you have a fear that you will fail in your life or your partner will leave you then your thoughts will automatically turn into reality.
Instead of worrying about what will happen in the future, start enjoying your present because we never know when a moment can become a reality.

Furthermore, even if you want to cry, cry out loud, but make sure you won't cry for the same issue again and get up and make your dreams turn into reality.

Doing nothing will never make you a positive person!
Love yourself, your dreams, your family, and the world!

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