How To Stay Positive On A Bad Day

Do you also wake up and sometimes feel not okay and presumes that today is going to be a bad day?
Well, me too! 👐 We all go through these sorts of emotions where we don't know what is happening but we don't feel good without any valid reason.

Sometimes when you go grocery shopping, and the line at the cash counter is so big that you might think you would have to spend a night over there. Isn't that irritating? or maybe when you came back home after a long day thinking you would sleep earlier today but when you finally come back you realize guests are waiting for you. 
Who hates this feeling?

Days are never the same. Sometimes we feel good, energized, confident, and spend the whole day doing our favorite stuff and there are those days also when we don't feel like doing anything and sleep the entire day or want to live alone for that day.

Nobody has control over their lives. Nobody knows when he would die. 
Here is a relevant quote by Chuck Palahniuk who says "We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will."
However, despite knowing these facts, we cannot let situations control our minds and take away our happiness.

It is easy to advise others to think positive thoughts but when the problem is about us, we cannot just think good and feel good. 
But to live happily we have to create something to gain mental peace.

With a few efforts and determination, we can change our surroundings which will help us to change our life.

Let's find out the steps to stay positive on a bad day :

1. Change your perspective

Perspective is a word that seems simple but it's very powerful. It defines how you see things and what you think about it. Changing your perspective about the way you think and feel can turn a bad day into a valuable day.
For instance, you are alone at home and you have nothing to do, so instead of saying - I am bored and sad, you can utilize that time and do something interesting which can make you productive. 

So instead of cribbling and worrying about the things, shifting your perspective from inexpedient to opportunistic can work in your favor easily.

It's our perspective only that reminds us that if we can go to 50,000 height mountain or can't even climb a 1ft stair.

2.  Focus on the Opportunity

The second step of turning a bad day into a great day is to start focusing on the things happening around you.  
 Try to find the logic behind the current state of your emotions and ask yourself what is the opportunity here to grab?
You are having a bad day maybe you fought with someone, or you missed the last bus, or you didn't get the tickets to your favorite star's movie, or whatever the reason might be, you have to ask yourself the WTOH question over here and try to find out the solutions.

Questions hold the great power to any answer and it allows your brain to hunt for the solutions. So when you will concentrate on the opportunity that you cannot see yet, you will surely get your answers!

3. Talk with your Friends or Partner

 It is important to have someone in your life who can help you pass through difficult times. No matter what is bothering you, speak it out to someone you know would listen to you and understand your problem. 

If you think you might disturb someone with your issues, then you are wrong because you cannot annoy someone who genuinely cares for you. When you will speak your heart out who would listen to you, you might feel as if there was a burden on your head which is now lifted down.
Talking helps a lot! Even the professional mental health doctors recommend having a social circle where you can be who you are.
Remember, it is never about the number of supportive people in our life, but the essence of them.
Choose your friends, your partner, and all your close ones wisely. See if they are genuinely your friends or are just faking it.

4. Exercise your body & mind

We all know that exercise makes us feel better but the real reason behind it is unknown to us. We assume that when we are working out, our body is releasing endorphins which is why we feel good after exercising. But the correct answer behind is that exercise makes our brain function at its best. 

Building the body and becoming fit is the additional benefit, the real advantage that we get from exercising is our mind starts working properly.
Despite having a rough day, if you will work out, you would find an immense change in your mind and ultimately you will feel good.

Start practising yoga or do 10-minute cardio and feel the change in your mindset.

5. Set a timer and do your thing

You can get a lot done with 10, 20, or 30 minutes if you know how to make the correct use of time. 
Here I am talking about the benefit of the timer that we all have in-built in our phones. Timer plays an important role when you are doing a plank. Even 1 minute feels like a long time if you are a beginner.

Setting a specific timer and doing work can help improve our time management skills and also helps in beating our laziness.
If you don't wish to do anything, try setting a 5-minute reminder for, say making up your bed, and putting things back in their places in your room and see the productivity you get within 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts

There will be days when you would not want to do anything and there is no compulsion or force to get up and go to work.

It's okay to take a break. Everyone needs a break from their monotonous routine and live a carefree life.
What is not okay is being surrounded by toxicity and negativity. Negative emotions too are part of us and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 
However, don't let that negativity consume your mental peace. Practising positive thinking, cultivating self-love, remembering God's name, choosing kindness, working out yourself all of these will give your positive vibes and the power to fight through every situation.

Good luck!

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