10 Healthy Habits To Change Your Life

 This year has affected a lot of us. Some lost their jobs, some couldn't meet their loved ones, some gained weight and what not!

We all experienced different levels of emotions such as stress, anxiety, loneliness etc.

Even till now many of us have not been able to fully get out of this situation and get out of our comfort zone.

We are lazy, lethargic and don't want to get out of our comfort zones which of course is not good for us and then we weep that we are not doing anything or we are not getting what we want.

This procrastination and laziness become our habit day by day and we don't even realize that.

All of these and a lot more are bad habits that we develop slowly. 

So to change the way of our living and to get what we want from our life I have come up with 10 healthy habits.

10 Healthy Habits To  Change Your Life

1. Start with Taking Care of Your Body-

Start by taking care of our body. Our body exists for us. Lying on the bed all the time and doing nothing is of no use.
 Be aware of the food you are consuming. It's okay if you are eating pizza or pasta, but know that eating them every day is not good for your health.
Get enough sleep of 7-8 hours. Sleeping for longer hours is essential for our long life, it makes us more energetic the next day and also reduces our dark circles.
Try to pamper yourself and your body every day.

2. Plan Your Day-

Before sleeping, take 5 minutes and plan what you are going to do the next day. Write down all the important events such as going for grocery shopping or what you will eat at lunch or how much time you will devote to workout and etc.
This will make it easier for you to remember the important events and moreover it will make you more productive.
Or else, you will wake up and have the same boring routine which will not add anything to your health.

3. No Phone in Morning-

This is my worst habit and currently, I am working on it. 
When our eyes do not even open properly, the first thing we do is grab our phone and check out our social media or watch some news. 
This is such a bad habit!
In the morning, our mind is the most powerful. What we will read, listen or watch that will set in the subconscious mind and we will become that.
For instance, you wake up in the morning and you saw some bad news or you read somewhere something bad happened, and then your entire day went bad and you were stressed all the time.
All of this negativity came from the first thing you did in the morning.
So, instead of checking your phone, thank God for giving you another day and say positive self-affirmations to yourself.

4. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

The first thing I do in the morning is, I drink a glass of warm water. 
Drinking water in the morning increases up your energy levels. When we are sleeping we are not taking any water so it's our duty to drink water immediately in the morning so to not feel dehydrated and fatigued.
As soon as you wake up and you get fresh and brush your teeth, get a glass of water for you.
Also, try to drink 12-14 glasses of water daily. It has a lot of advantages which of course we all know so I won't be sharing them here.

5. Take Time to Meditate

Doing daily meditation such as deep breathing, guided meditation, reciting God's name helps in reducing stress, anxiety and gives you positivity.
Anybody can do any meditation they like to do. Even if you are taking only 10 minutes out of your day for doing meditation is so much better than doing nothing.
The key to being consistent is to not take much pressure on yourself or do it out of greediness. Tell yourself that it's easy to meditate. Do it with a clean heart.

6. Make a Habit of Reading

Reading is my favourite hobby. I love to read inspiring stories, romantic novels, motivational books. Usually, I read online on Amazon Kindle or on pdf files.
Make a daily habit of reading. It not only increases your vocabulary but gives you the knowledge which enhances your life in so many ways.
Once you form a habit of reading you will always be curious to expand your mind by providing it more knowledge.
If you don't know what and where to start, begin with short stories or poems then go for articles and then books.
Slowly and steadily you will set a habit of reading.

7. Start Saving

Start planning your budget and try to save as much as you can. I know buying luxurious items are a lot of fun, but also side by side make a list of the items you are spending money on and review this chart monthly. In this way, you will get to know if you are overspending or not. 
Furthermore, you can also invest your money on your bigger plans. 
This is a great habit of money-saving.

8. Do Not Criticize Yourself

Never ever say bad words to yourself or about yourself. Criticizing yourself will only give you sadness and hatred towards self.
It's completely fine if you have breakdowns if you don't know what to do next if you are stuck somewhere. Instead of saying- " I cannot do anything" take a deep breath and try to relax, maybe something better is prepared for you. 
But never say bad about yourself.
Even if you are talking with someone don't say -  "I lack this or I don't have this". 
Your friends and family love you and they will boost your morale always so you don't need to talk rubbish about yourself.
I hope this makes sense!

9. Practice Gratitude 

Practising gratitude daily helps us to appreciate the things we have in our lives. Be grateful for the abundance of things you have in your life such as your health, your family, the basic necessities.
Before sleeping write down all the things that you are grateful for and thank god at night for blessing you with another day.
For instance, you can say - " Thank you, God, I and my family are healthy, thank you for giving us food, I have everything, thank you for this bed on which I am going to sleep now.
Sometimes we get distracted by seeing the lives of others, how they are living and enjoying, but we fail to see how much blessed we are.
Acknowledging the blessings and miracles of the universe will give us more abundance and will make us stay grounded.

10.  Start Visualizing

We have a marvellous imagination and everything starts with a vision. Vision is the images you see and then these images sit in your subconscious mind.
We often imagine the things we don't want but end up getting the same in the reality.
Start imagine or visualizing the things you want, feel that you have those things with you.
Every day takes smaller steps towards visualizing your goals. When you will imagine the things and the people you want with emotions you will start manifesting them in your current reality.


It takes only 1 thought to change your destiny.
Adopting good habits is as easy as following the bad ones. If you think you want to improve yourself, you will definitely improve.
It all begins with your thoughts, you determination and most importantly with self-love. Because you love yourself that is why you want to excel in life.

So I had gathered these 10 habits that can change our lives.
Are you willing to implement them in your daily life ?
I will surely do.
Write down what do you think ?

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