10 Self Love Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

If you are the existing user of this blog, then you must have read my previous articles where I often talk about Affirmations, Positive Affirmations to practice daily in our lives. 

You must be thinking about why I always talk about Affirmations?

What is the role of Positive Affirmations? Do Affirmations really work?


Affirmation is a practice of saying positive sentences to yourself about your career, success, money, health, love life, and every field in which you want to foster improvement. It also means that to use our daily life sentences in such a way that can bring abundance into our lives.
These affirmations if used frequently, can also improve the decisions we make.


It is said that to make affirmations effective, then these affirmations need to be used in the positive and present tense and also should be specific.
Affirmations can result in both positive as well as negative. These are like a double-edged sword depending on how you use them. They can be either encouraging such as giving you happiness and joy or causing your back and result in self-doubt.

This is the reason why it is said that, speak carefully. Because what you speak you create!

Positive Affirmations like "I'll study hard and pass my test" or "I will work hard and will surely pass the test that too with good marks" will boost your confidence and help you to achieve your goal.

Negative Affirmations like "I am stupid", "I cannot achieve anything in life" will bring you negative results, causing you unhappiness and demotivation.

So, let us start some of the Positive Self-Love Affirmations that can really boost our confidence and change our lives.

1. I Am Loved.

Here we talk about loving ourselves. 
You know what is self-love? Right? 
Choosing ourselves.
Doing what makes us happy.
Accepting ourselves and a lot more.
 When we will start loving ourselves, we will realize our worth and will also become more confident. 

2. I Am Beautiful In All Ways.

Here you are saying that you are beautiful both physically as well as spiritually.
Beauty is something that makes you unique from others because everyone is different from others.
It is something that gives you respect as well as pleasure.
Something that you can show off to the world
When you accept that you are beautiful, you are not only accepting your physical features, but you are accepting yourself completely. 
It also means that now you are not comparing yourself to others. Nor do you want to be like someone else.
You are perfectly okay with all that you have. 

3. I Am Confident With Who I Am.

Confidence is a skill that states to believe in yourself as well as others. It means that you have enough confidence in someone that he/she will perform the given task confidently.
Self-confidence comes when we believe in our abilities.
When we believe that we can achieve our goals.
When we have the confidence to get everything we desire.

On the other hand, low confidence is a lack of belief in oneself.
Always have confidence in your abilities and yourself.

4. I Let Go Of Everything That Is Not Meant For Me.

Change is a part of our lives. We cannot get desired results sitting in our comfort zones. 
When you let go of all those things that no longer hold value in your life now, you become free.
And if you want to be free, stop locking yourself into the prison of your past. 
Letting go means you are releasing yourself from the heavy burden of your past. 
Move on and create your best life.

5. I Will Not Apologize For Being Myself.

You should never apologize to people for being who you are. You are just being yourself and there is nothing wrong with it.
There is no need to feel sorry for doing those things that make us happy.
When you show someone that you are a week or feel pity for yourself then you are trying to communicate that you are not worthy.
You are disrespecting yourself and when you will do that, then people would automatically say a thousand things to you.
You don't have to listen to someone else saying that you are not normal.
You are who you are and you don't need to be guilty or apologize for that.

6. I Am Worthy Of All The Great Things In My Life.

You are enough! Yes, you are worthy. Even if you feel like you are behind others, but let me tell you; you are far more above than where you were in the past. This is all because you are worthy of all the good things. You deserve great things, unlimited abundance, happiness, joy, satisfaction because of your kind nature. 
You are so generous by heart. You love to help people and this is why the universe helps you by giving you all the wonderful things and keeping you safe.

7. I Constantly Attract Unlimited Abundance With My Thoughts Into My Life.

Attracting Abundance is a clear function in the law of Attraction.
Abundance is our birthright. Everywhere we go there is always abundance. 
The abundance of snow in winters on the ground.
The abundance of hair on our head.
You came on this earth with nothing and you will go from this world with nothing. But while you are here you can create abundance in your life by the way how you see things in your life.
It's all in your mind. It all starts with you. 
So take out the potential that you have and create and attract unlimited abundance into your life. 

8. I Am Not Going To Judge Myself And Only Embrace Self-Love.

A person who needs you the most is YOU. Yes, you read it right.
You are your own best friend, your strength. 
Whatever you will speak to yourself, ultimately you will create.
You know your body is working for you 24X7. You know there are millions of cells in your body creating a new you. You know your immune system is fighting against all the viruses, germs, and infections only for you.
So, when you will stop judging yourself against all your past decisions or your behavior and embrace self-love in your life, you will ultimately become happy!

9. My Intuition Is Always Leading Me To The Right Place.

Your instincts are never to put in a difficult situation. These are the signs from the universe helping you to make the right decisions for yourself. Nobody knows what is good for yourself, except you. Even if it is wrong for all of the world. But it is right for you.
Because you trust your gut feeling. 
You listen to the signals that are being sent to you from the universe.
Have faith that you are being guided by the divine God who will never let you down.

10. I Am At Peace With Myself.

Inner peace comes with calmness, acceptance, being positive and most importantly by having an attitude of gratitude. When you are satisfied with all that you have, you have a sense of relief. 
A person may have immense wealth, lots of clothes to wear, many servants in his home for his service, but if he does not have inner peace, he has nothing.
So, repeat to yourself that you are at peace in your life. 
You have a stable peace of mind.

You are free from all the worries of this world.

Even if there are a lot of things to worry about, but when you will say this affirmation, it will encourage you to fight will all your worries and problems.


Saying daily affirmations in the mirror or just to yourself is a huge part of the self-love journey. Everyone should do it to transform themselves.

Setting your intentions into the universe can actually turn them into reality.
Which of these self-love affirmations did you need today?
Or do you have your own affirmations?

Write down in the comment section below.

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  1. Your positivity always refresh my mind I always used to read ur thoughts whenever I feel low in life.keep posting,❤️