15 Ways To Regain Your Self Confidence

Confidence is believing in yourself and others that a person can do the work confidently. Confidence is the ability to believe that you are good to yourself (and others). It gives you immense joy when you start thinking that you are not above and not below to others. You are a unique and extraordinary person. When you change your mindset and start believing in your abilities that is when you develop self - confidence.
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Self - confidence is far different from being egoistic or rude to others.
You have confidence in yourself, in your abilities, in your belief system. You should never try to disrespect others in any way by thinking that you are above them. No one is above ourselves, except the Divine God.
When you have confidence in yourself you don't seek attention from others because you accept yourself and you know what you are made of!
Have you ever seen MS Dhoni telling people about his achievements?
No, because he knows that if he will believe in himself, he would definitely score good and people will appraise him.

But most of us have a belief that we are not confident enough to do some special work. 
We are of the opinion that we don't have enough confidence to perform a chore.
It can be any work or task such as cooking, dancing, playing a sport, etc.
Though some skills are inherited but most of the skills can be developed and anybody can do it if he/ she believes in himself.

Why your confidence is so low?

The first - most reason behind low confidence is a lack of belief in oneself. When you do not accept yourself completely and positively you will always think you are below others.
For instance,  everyone knows about Ashish Chanchlani, the famous YouTuber and Viner who started his journey in 2009, and now he has more than 10 million subscribers.
Because of his hard work, patience, luck, and his self - confidence he has reached this far. 
When you are confident enough then nobody can stop you from climbing the stairs.

Another reason behind your low self-confidence can be past experience or childhood trauma.
When as a child you have experienced something rough which had affected you so much that you think you are not worthy of anything then you may have experienced low confidence. 
When something has hurt you, let's say a pin entered your foot and instead of taking out that pin you are saying that "it's my destiny, I have to deal with it in this way". When you instead of changing the circumstances that are giving you pain, hurting you tremendously, making you a victim, accept that situation is the result of your low self - confidence.

Self-confidence is something that I thought I never had until my 20s. I never was confident enough to take part in any school or college programme maybe because of my low self-esteem, my belief system which told me that I cannot do this or that and many other reasons.
I always knew that I want to do something but I didn't know what and how can I do it.
Until 1 day, my brother asked me to start my own blog. Maybe he saw some potential in me which I couldn't because of my lack of self-confidence.

 Similarly, you can also enhance your confidence by taking some small steps and improve your self-image.

Here are 15 ways to boost your Self - Confidence you can follow the way you want and change your life: 

1. Stop comparing - I always say this in my articles to not compare yourself to others. Your journey of life is different from others. You don't need to compare and be like those Instagram models and those who show off in front of you. Live your own life. Follow your own dreams. Choose your own desires.  The comparison will only give you dissatisfaction and hatred for yourself, which you definitely do not need. 

2. Believe in yourself - Our belief system is made up of thoughts, experiences, opinions, judgments, references, emotions, and so on. Whatever we had inherited from our childhood to teenagers to our current age is present in our belief system and we had accepted it the way it was represented to us. But to excel in life, we have to break some beliefs about ourselves and add some positive beliefs about ourselves. 

3. Replace can't and won't - This is subsequent to the above point. When we say, " I cannot do this" or " "I am not capable enough" or "This won't happen". We are indirectly putting a stamp on these statements and making it true for the rest of our lives. These "can not", "will not", words are bad words. Whenever you catch yourself saying these kind of words, immediately shift towards "I can" and "I will". 
Remember, choose your words wisely, they are more powerful than your words alone.

4. Speak less, Do more -
It is always said that- "Don't tell people your goals, show them your results." Be so busy in improving yourself and working hard that you only focus on your end results. When you are about to start something major in your life, first complete it then show it to the public. You never know who is against you and for you. You will always see a business person/ successful person or someone studying for civil exams is working for his/her goals and not only just showing up to the audience.
5. Keep Learning  - Nobody can take your knowledge from you. Learning new skills, new methods, new habits, the new language will make you productive and you would feel more confident. It will nourish your mind as well as your soul and you will get better to handle things in your life. Learning is as important for our brain as food is for our bodies. It will help you fight boredom and will enhance your knowledge. So, encourage the habit of reading books, articles, newspapers, magazines that will enrich your mind and soul. Practical learning will also add a new skill in the list of your achievements.

6. It's okay to have doubts and fears - It's completely fine to have doubts but be ready to break them. Sometimes your doubts are there to make you prepare for something far better than you have ever dreamed of! Don't let your doubts stop you from getting the life you always wanted. Instead, use your doubts and fears to get strength and power. Do your best because nobody else is going to do it for you.

7. Stay away from Drama and Negativity - There is so much negativity in this beautiful world. People are hating, abusing each other, killing animals, destroying humanity which impacts our life so much. We cannot avoid all that's what happens in this world but we can shift our focus towards something positive and better so that our brain does not adapt all that negativity, Whenever you feel negative vibes around you- pause for a while and do something to change it immediately. For instance, you can go for a walk, do some meditation, or cook something in the kitchen.

8. Join the conversation -  Meeting and greeting new people will boost your confidence and you will learn many new things from them. Be open to joining a new conversation or meeting someone for the first time. If you are an introvert, that is completely fine but don't overthink it and don't beat yourself up for being an introvert. Because the more you think, the more the worse it gets.

9. Do what you like -
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If you like to dance, hit the dance class. If you like to paint, pick up your canvas and start painting. Don't think about what other people will think. Do what you always wanted. Write down the list of all the amazing things that you like and start doing it. Don't wait for tomorrow.

10. Self-Love is Extremely Important - Everything begins with Self. Self-Confidence is part of self-love. When you will love yourself, you will do all the good things for yourself. You will start taking inspired action for yourself. Self-love is not related with being selfish and hurting others. It means doing all the right things for yourself. It does not say- taking drugs and hurting yourself and your family. It does not say raping someone just because you are horny. It means hitting the gym, working out, setting goals for the future, not chasing, or begging someone to love you. Love yourself and Be Confident!

11. Be Honest to Yourself - Do you get irritated because once again you stalk your ex? Because once again you had a cheat meal? and then all of a sudden you lose your confidence and drop all your plans. Rather than punishing yourself for your mistakes ask yourself what you have lost and gained from the situation and you will get all your answers and based on this Q/A you will be more vigilant in the next situation.

12. Don't ignore Red Flags - Whenever you feel something isn't right, don't ignore it, and instead trust your instincts. If you feel like you don't want to do something, don't say Yes. Be honest about what you think and feel and let the other person know. If you are in a relationship and your partner is asking you to do something which you don't want to do then you don't need to do. You don't need to bend yourself for anyone else. If you see a change in someone's behaviour who is close to you, don't accept that, instead, ask them what's wrong. But please don't beg them to stay. You are not a beggar. You are a Gem!

13. Don't be dependent on someone - Know your self-worth starts with you. Your happiness starts with you. Then why give someone else permission to make you feel good. Being fully dependent on someone else is only going to make you emotionally handicap. Find your value and increase it. Your confidence will only come when you will be emotionally independent person.

14. Live in the Present - Enjoy your present while working hard for your future goals. However, don't get worried about the future. Continue to focus on creating the life you want without getting anxious. Because worrying will only delay the process and you would not be able to enjoy what you have now. Leave everything on God's hand while taking inspired actions.

15. Celebrate small goals - We set big goals for our life, our career, ourselves, and we keep on working hard to achieve them. But in this journey of attaining bigger goals we gorget to enjoy all the smaller victories, we have achieved till date. For instance, you are working hard to get the desired weight and for that, you are eating clean, doing regular exercise, and staying away from junk. But every day, you are taking 1 step closer towards your main goal by following the proper diet. Means, you are surviving 1 more day without eating anything bad and working out. Appreciate yourself for doing that this will not only make you happy but will also give you the motivation to keep going and will build your confidence.

            Stay Positive while following these tips and see your confidence building!

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