Self Belief: Do You Believe In Yourself ?


To understand the concept of believing in ourselves we must first know the origin of this word. Believe is derived from the word "belief"

                             What is a belief?

A belief is something that we have interpreted into our minds which we think to be true because of various key factors such as:
  • Any experience we have had about anything.
  • Any reference we have heard about someone or something
  • Any opinion we have made for something or someone
For instance, a man expresses his belief towards God through prayer. He has never seen God but because of his culture and traditions and his family does so he has also started praying because of belief.

Another example would be, We know that Wednesday comes after Tuesday, and Thursday comes after Wednesday. If anyone would say to us that Thursday comes after Tuesday we will not believe him because we know this is wrong and from years we have been learning that Wednesday comes after Tuesday.

In other words, A belief is something we assume to be true. But it not the same for each person. Any experience, any feeling, any opinion we have about something, the other person may have had different perceptions towards the same thing.

For example, You went to a shop to buy ice cream, after tasting that ice cream, you didn't like its taste maybe it was bad or that shopkeeper had not preserved it properly. You have made your interpretation that the shop is not decent. Hence, you made a belief regarding that shop.
But when your friend went to that shop, he liked that shop a lot. He was amazed to see different varieties of ice creams over there and that too very yummy. So he made a belief that the shop is too good and now he is the regular customer of that shop.

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So each person has its own unique and social beliefs that seem true to him/her.

We knowingly or unknowingly make beliefs for ourselves which the other person has formed for us and thus we accept those opinions to be true. Instead, we should not let other people's opinions or behavior affect us, and we should have the strength to believe in ourselves.
Here another question arises i.e, 

 What does believe in yourself means?

In simple words, it means to have faith in yourself, your abilities, your inner strength, your mental capability.
1 student says he cannot get good marks in maths. Thus, he will fail in the exam. While the other student has a belief that, he will improve his marks but will not fail.
To live a life full of achievements and success, you must fully believe in yourself and your abilities.

Do you know any successful person who does not believe in himself?
 Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Dhirubhai Ambani, and many more. These people have benefited a lot and are earning millions of dollars just by believing in themselves.
They were only able to keep going and achieve success because of the level of belief in themselves despite the enormous amount of failures they had experienced for years. So,

How can I believe in myself?

When you have had faced any bad traumas or experiences in your life or when someone says "you can't do anything".
After interpreting all those statements and assumptions you slowly and gradually start believing them to be true and this results in your decrease in confidence which also means a lack of self-love.
Because when you don't love yourself, you don't trust yourself. You start believing what others say about you.   

Taking the first step always seems difficult but only this step takes us towards our goals and dreams.

Remember the only person who will not harm you is "YOU". Only you can change your life. The rest of the world can only applaud you or criticize you. 
Let them speak whatever they want to. You must know who you are and you have the power to do anything. Don't let anyone's views change or shake your pillar of strength.

Here are 5 tips to Believe in Yourself with no doubt.

  • Become Aware-  Awareness is the first step to be able to change your beliefs from limiting beliefs to the supporting beliefs that take you towards your goals. Become aware of what labels you have put up on yourself. What opinions you have made of yourself based on someone else's opinion of you. Once you have identified that false assumptions and interpretations about yourself you come 1 step closer towards your goals. Because it only starts within you. Nobody else can do for you whether they are your parents, your partner or your children, or anyone else. You must first understand that it is your faith in your abilities that can change your beliefs.

  • Pessimistic to Optimistic Rigidity - Rigidity refers to something that is fixed. A pessimistic rigidity is something that cannot happen. An optimistic rigidity is something that can happen, definitely, it would happen. A pessimistic person has a belief that he cannot learn English so he will never be able to get resources to learn English and he would say English is not his cup of tea. On the other hand, an optimistic person has a belief that he can learn English, and when he forms this trust in himself then he would gather all the necessary sources to learn that subject. Mind you, both pessimistic and optimistic persons have set beliefs for themselves which they think are permanent, and then they lead their whole lives following that rigidity of beliefs. We must know how to Change our inability to a powerful ability to do something.

  • Stop blaming others - Most of the time we blame others for not trusting us or not supporting us. Stop doing that! Instead, have faith in yourself and your abilities. Accept yourself completely. Only then you can make progress and win in your life. Let the world criticize you. Don't get sad if they don't support you. When somebody wants to do something out of league people would be there to demotivate them. For whatever reason, they are saying to you. Let them say, you just focus on your work. Sometimes we take criticisms very seriously and then start overthinking about what he/she said this to me? which results in = Depression. Sometimes the words of others so much pinch us that we lose confidence in ourselves. Don’t spend your not liking yourself or hating what you’re doing. Do something about it. Find belief in yourself because when you won't believe in yourself, who else will?

  • Visualize Yourself-  "What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."- Napolean Hill Visualization is another powerful tool that can help you change your life, If you want a successful and happy life, first imagine that life with a positive mind. Don't let any negative thoughts surround you. Imagine that you are successful, you are rich, you are happy. It also boosts your confidence and urges you to work hard to achieve your dreams. Practicing visualization is a fantastic way to believe in yourself.

  • Restart yourself- Leave the past behind you. Whatever has happened in the past just let it stay there. Just simply take out all the lessons that you have experienced from the past and Redevelop yourself. Re-developing means to collect new and beautiful thoughts, feel positive emotions, gather your own reference of yourself, and restart your belief system. In this way, you will be able to build a new and positive belief system for yourself. 

Now you have some tools to start believing in yourself. Work on these steps consistently, and you will begin to see amazing things happening in your life.

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