10 Things To Let Go Of To Be A Happy Person

 Who doesn't want a happy life? Who doesn't want a new car, a better job, a financially secured career?

Everyone looks for ways to enjoy and be happy. But if something bad persists, our happiness immediately turns into sadness and we start blaming the environment or our surroundings.

Whenever something bad happens or a person is sad, it is always said that- "be positive"! But no one can remain positive all the time. It's impossible to not let situations or people affect you especially if you are an overthinker.

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Being a happy person requires more good thoughts, good feelings, and letting go of all those things that don't serve your happiness. 
Instead of depending on others to be happy, you must let go of some things that suck the happy person out of you.

Here are 10 things to let go of to be a happy person:

1. Let go of the past-

Letting go of the past and moving on can be difficult if you are in love or attached to a person who once made you feel like you are on top of heaven. However, continuing a relationship with them just because you both share some good memories will only cause you more pain.
I know it is hard to accept that the person you once loved has changed and you cannot forgive them. But to live a happy and peaceful life, you must learn to forgive, not for them, but for yourself.

2. No self-doubt-

You can become your biggest enemy if you continue to criticize yourself and making yourself feel inferior. Continuous negative self-talk can make you believe that you are less deserving and have no self-esteem. This can not only damage your self worth but also your mental health. So, the most important thing to focus on is how you speak to yourself.

3. Let go of toxic people-

There will always be some toxic people in your life. They can be your partner, a friend, a colleague, or someone from your family. Pouring so much energy and effort into these people will only give you pain and stress. So, why surround yourself with such people? Imagine turning all those negative emotions into positive ones and be a happy person. But you might ask-"How can I do so?" 

Well, for that, you must first identify those people and then remove them from your life.

Read this article by Healthline and learn how to deal with toxic people.

4. Let go of the unrealistic appreciation-

This does not mean that you should not expect the appreciation of the good deeds you do for others. However, you cannot force anybody to like you and respect you, so you have to stop looking for appreciation at the doors that don't open for you. 
Do good deeds, be kind but don't do it for the sake of wanting appreciation and respect.

5. Do not chase people-

I had always chased people and begged them to not leave me but they still left because they wanted to. They didn't want to be in my life so all my requests and pleasing didn't affect them.
 Hence, then what's the matter of chasing people? Somebody who doesn't want to hear from you will not call you. Somebody who doesn't want to spend time with you will not make plans to meet you.
You cannot force them to stay. The more you will force, the more they will move away from you.
Thus, pursuing somebody will not give you happiness. If you want to live a happy life, focus on yourself, and let people go if they want to leave.

6. Let go of control-

The need to control everything will not give you happiness but instead, increase your stress level. If you are a control freak and like to control people according to your own way then that could destroy your relationships with others. 
Start doing guided meditations that can help you remain calm and reduce the possibility of anxiety that you get if something doesn't go your way. 

7. Nobody is perfect-

Striving to become better is good but you must also know that you cannot be perfect in terms of everything. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has faults which are completely fine because that's what makes all of us unique and beautiful.
Also, if you see someone on social media who you think has a perfect body, perfect partner, dream house, big car and you get jealous by seeing that their life is perfect. Then you must also think beyond the camera because people will only post what they want to. In reality, everyone faces ups and downs!

8. Worrying about the future-

I often get stress about worrying about my future. When I know that the future is uncertain, still I waste hours thinking about- "What will happen?" and "What if this happens?" These questions bring me so much anxiety and I cry without knowing the exact reason.
So if you also worry about your future, please stop doing that! Stop wasting your time and energy about uncertainty and instead do some mediation or distract yourself into something better and let your intuition guide you.

9. Let go of the fear of failure

We all have fear of failure, also known as "atychiphobia" that does not let us move forward and seek great opportunities that are waiting for us. Failure is a part of our life. Without failure, we cannot identify our strengths. 
I know it is easy to say, but at some point when this fear starts sucking our happiness we have to accept, learn, and let go of it.

10. Resistance to change

Being afraid of the change causes us to self-sabotage and does not allow us to recognize the real meaning behind that change. Once you are in your comfort zone, you won't like to get out of it and will start resisting.
I know it's not easy to get out of your comfort area because I am also afraid of the change. But if we won't let go of it, we cannot be delighted.
If you are facing a situation right now where you have to move out of your comfort zone, say in terms of job or profession, then instead of weeping about the situation, think that you deserve better than this!


In the end, only you are responsible for your happiness. So let go of all these things, people, jobs that no longer serve you because only you matter in the end.

Think for yourself! Love yourself!

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