Everything You Need To Know About Happiness And Implement It In Your Life

What Is Happiness?

The word happiness refers to- 
  • "an appraisal of life and all the good things that are happening to you or surrounding you."
  • "the reality or emotions you are facing right now in the present."
  • "the opposite of sadness and synonym of joy, pleasure, cheerfulness."
This amazing word is amazing in itself. It's a feeling that we experience when anything good happens to us such as job satisfaction, scoring good marks, marrying our dream life partner, seeing our family happy, and so on. Happiness is an inner feeling that we express when we get what we desire. 
Being happy gives us positivity, motivation, and confidence to do more. Also, it is a temporary feeling that we sense. We get temporarily happy after getting anything. For instance, you make a girlfriend you are happy, you got an iPhone you are happy. But after some time everything becomes normal because we adapt those habits into our lives.
Again we tend to feel happy when everything goes as per our plan and when things are not going according to our plan we feel sad because it is human nature.

Why happiness fluctuates?

Man is a social animal, he always wants an accompany of others. Having each other accompany us is fine but when we depend on someone that creates a problem. When we give something to someone we expect the same in return either it's love, respect, care, or materialistic things. Of course, we expect. In fact, I expect a lot from others because I think if I am doing something for them at least they should contribute half of what I have given.

So basically in a day when any situation arises which we are not expecting our emotions tend to fluctuate. If it is a happy situation our mood uplifts immediately but if it is a tense situation we get sad automatically.

This states that our emotions are dependent on the situations and it is human psychology that we experience.

We always hear people saying stop expecting from others or else you will get hurt.

 But in real lifeIt is not possible to stop expecting from others.  Our life is not a novel or Ekta Kapoor's serial or any Bollywood movie.  In reality, we face several circumstances where we have to face difficult situations or where we rely on someone else for our happiness. However, when they don't treat us the way we want to be treated we always end up suffering.

It is not possible to stop expecting or being cold in any situation. Still, we can change our emotional frequency and instead of being fully dependent on other people's behavior, we can at least try to cultivate self-love and protect our energy.  

How to not depend on others for our Happiness?

We have become so much dependent on others for our happiness that we have forgotten how to be happy internally. We want everything to be perfect and for this, we rely on others to give us something so that we can be happy.

For example, we ask them to appreciate us every time, and when they don't do what we ask them to do we get sad. 

Think for a while, when you were happy the last time? You would probably say umm when I bought a new dress, or when my spouse gave me a gift, or when my youtube/Instagram page got the maximum likes. 

This is what we do. We relate our happiness to a specific event or thing. When they are just the important days of our life. Our goal should be to be happy throughout the day. We should not let any negative energy influence us. 

Many of us have a belief that it is not possible, how can we be happy when our environment is not positive or when our family or our near ones might be hurting us!

Yet we are not aware that 1 positive energy can drain out 10 negative energies if that energy has the power in itself.

Here's what we can do to stop ourselves from going into an unhappy state of mind to a happy and joyful state of mind :

  • Respect yourself and your emotions- You should know that self-respect and ego have a very thin line. Self-respect is respecting ourselves to not let any external negative energy affect us and be happy on your own. On the other hand, being egoistic refers to hurting someone else's feelings to be happy. In other words, stop asking people to give you appreciation when you can give it to yourself. If they are not supporting you, let it be. Keep doing your work and let God be on your side.
  • Satisfaction-  Be satisfied with what you have. In this competitive world when we run in the race to achieve more, we forget to see that there are many people who do not even get the basic amenities of food, shelter, and clothes. Still, they are living a life in the hope that 1 day everything would get better. Recognize that our problems are nothing in front of them and we just unnecessarily cribble over our problems. Try to see the reality that you are lucky enough to get most of the things while others pray for getting those things that you already have.
  • Positive attitude- A positive attitude is a must to be happy. Being negative no one can attain happiness. In fact, having a pessimistic attitude, one can attract more negative and unfavorable things into his/her life. Have a belief that everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. When you will start having a positive outlook towards everything you'd realize that any problem you are facing is not bigger than you and you will start getting solutions to solve your problems. 
Remember it is just a myth that if we will run away from our problems everything will sort out. But running away is never a solution and only having a positive and optimistic attitude will give you the power to solve your problems and hence you will become a happy person.

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  • Gratitude-Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for all the things that you have in your life either tangible or intangible. Practicing gratitude daily can change your life. When practicing gratitude you can feel positive emotions such as joy, excitement, thankfulness, higher energy, and so on. Daily take 5 minutes from your day and thank God for all that he has given to you. Or you can keep a Thank-you journal and at night write all the good things that happened to you each day. By doing this gratitude will become a part of your life and every time you would write or say thank you to the supreme light you will feel happy.

Also in the previous post also we have come across this term.

 Here's the link to this  https://knowaboutselflove.blogspot.com/2020/06/practical-exercises.html

  • Needs and wants- Know that both wants and needs are two different words with 2 former meanings. The former explains the basic necessity that is important or that we should have. While on the other hand, the latter says having a desire to have something. When we focus on what we don't have instead of focusing on what we have we face unhappiness. Struggling financially can take you into a state of anxiety and sadness. Instead of buying everything which you don't even need to focus on the real things that are more important.

If your friend got a new iPhone that doesn't mean you also want it; which also does not mean that you should get sad about not having a brand new iPhone. Take a look at your own phone, it is working, it's affordable, it's easy to use. You bought this phone for a reason so enjoy it. Do set a goal or dream to have everything you desire in the future but till then be happy with what you have.

Let's go back into our school textbooks and reconsider what Maslow's Hierarchical Theory has taught us

I hope this article has really helped you in knowing what real happiness means. the situations or the circumstances cannot decide your happiness. Be determined and affirm that " I will not let anyone take away my happiness from me." Believe me, Nature will support you.

Happiness starts with You, only from You!

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Until then, Stay happy. Stay positive. Stay safe.


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