Reasons for Self Love -2

10 reasons.....Why you should love yourself!

Honestly, I never realized the value of myself until in 2018 I got dengue and was left with only 10,000 cells in my body. There were red and white patches on my whole body and the doctor immediately asked to transfer cells as my health was critical. 2 times I was transferred cells in a single day. You may be wondering, people had been through worse health conditions than me. I know this, there are bad and even more dangerous problems in the world. And I'm glad I had suffered a minor one. But only at that time, I realized I'm worthy. My presence actually affects me and my family. That was the major turning point in my life. 
Anyways, moving ahead, let's talk about the 10 main reasons to love ourselves.In this post, we will cover the 5 reasons and the next 5 will be discussed in the upcoming post.

  1. It is logical
Whenever you feel sad, just remember that there are billions of cells in your body and all they care about is YOU! Your body wakes you up in the morning, with your eyes you can see the beauty and people around you, with your legs you can walk, run, meditate. Your heart beats just for you. Your immune system is protecting you from thousands of viruses. So it is right to embrace your body and your self. Just be yourself.

2. Our Demerits are Our Peculiarities

We dream of getting the perfect body and look like our idols, but comparing ourself to others, will bring us into the reality; "my nose is not perfect, my belly is fat, I have a short height." But the truth is that the people who had achieved success in their life did not think like it this way. They understood that their nose wasn't perfect or their height is ok, or their breasts are of the same size.

  Let us recall an example of a well known American Actress, Marilyn Monroe, who not only had huge self-confidence but also completely changed the attitude of society in that era. With having an hourglass figure she was considered to be the top paid actresses of that time and also won Golden Globe award.

3. Your Feelings are Valid

You have every right to express yourself the way you are feeling from inside. Your personality and individuality make you a beautiful person. We have made up our mind that society will judge us or insult us if we would express what is bothering us. But remember no one is gonna judge you especially those who love you and have a concern towards you. It is completely ok to say whatever is disturbing you. If you don't have anyone around you, talk to GOD, talk to UNIVERSE. The universe always gives us messages in the form of numbers, intuitions, situations, etc. Just let your heart out!

4. Nobody is Perfect

This relates to Point No.2. Imagine a husband broke expensive cutlery that his wife brought with her own savings. What is his wife's reaction? I've bought it from my own money which I have been saving for a month! 
Result: a huge fight between them over a small issue, mutual humiliation, insults, and the spoiled atmosphere of the house.
What if his wife would say that- Never mind! It was by mistake. It is just a thing, and we can live without it.
Result: No fight, no anger, no ego. Everyone stays calm and happy.

So the psychological motive behind this example is that we should accept that everyone makes mistakes including ourselves and then there will be no point of being judgemental. Instead, we will help each other to get up and grow and this will boost our own confidence.

5. You are Amazing

Yes, you are amazing. You are perfect in everything you do. The way you respond to emotions. The way you talk to people. The way you make everyone else around you smile. You are just superb. There is your body who is working 24 X 7 just for you. There is your family who loves you and wants to be with you. There is your work in which you excel. There is your partner who cares for you. Everyone loves you and you know why? Because you are Unique and Special in so many ways.

Remember you are Important and it is not selfish to love ourselves. Love for yourself is essential to love others and the whole planet in general.

So until the next 5 reasons come, affirm these explanations in your mind and believe in yourself.

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