Positive Thinking Can Cure Illness If You Follow These Tips

 Do you know you can heal yourself and your illness with your mind?

Anyone can get frustrated or tired if he/she has been sick for more than a few days especially when they were completely fine the last night and the next morning when they woke up, they fell sick with a higher temperature of above 100° celsius.

The same thing happened to me about 2 days ago when I woke up in the morning with body aches and with 101° of fever and I had no clue how this happened!
But, you never know the reason behind your sudden illness!
Well, these days if anyone even sneezes, they get worried because of the coronavirus.

Besides this, some people are bedridden for so long because of their illness and they are upset about this as they cannot go outside in the fresh air.
No doubt, they are taking medicines but sometimes it takes more than longer to recover.

This situation can be disturbing when you don't know how to deal with the circumstance and how to adopt a positive frame of mind!

Here I am going to share some tips on how Positive Thinking or The Positive State Of Mind can help to heal you :

There are some days when we get so used to the monotonous situation that we just want to give up.
Isn't it?
If you also feel the same way, please don't worry. 
Every situation takes time to heal.

Before we dive into these tips to cure illness, let's just look out some benefits of positive thinking in brief :

We all know how taking things positively can help us. But we don't really know how to use and apply this in our lives practically. 
This is like advising others to eat fruits and vegetables but yourself eating junk food.

Now, let us find the tips that can help us to move out of a chronic illness-

1. Change your self talk.

Self-talk is the words and the statements you say to yourself. Whatever you think, you feel. What you feel, you become!- as specified by the Law of Attraction. Our brain is a multi-tasker. It helps us to sleep, visualize, store memories, and think. In fact, our brain thinks a lot!

Take a pause and guess how many thoughts you have in a single day? It is said that a single person thinks about 50,000-80,000 times per day. Woah!
Moreover, we also think when we are sleeping in the form of dreams. Our brain thinks in only 2 ways, either positive or negative! No other way!

Try saying positive things to yourself such as "I am good", "I am healthy", "Everything is always working out for me" and etc.

Or when you are experiencing some discomfort, instead of saying "Why this always happens to me"? trust that God is helping you and he will never let you down.

Another tip for you: self-love-affirmations.html

2. Laugh.

We all know that "Laughter is the best medicine"! But if you are sick and someone says to you to laugh, you will obviously get angry over him for this stupid advice.
But believe me, cracking jokes or watching a comedy show can really help to keep your body relax.
I know it is hard for you to get out of your bed and do something funny, but laughing has proven to be a scientific medicine.

I too watch funny videos to cheer myself up. It helps me to stay away from reality for a while and I forget if I am really sick or not!

Try watching your favourite comedy shows or movies on Netflix or Youtube!
Do comment below if you really like this idea.

3. Make real friends.

We get happy when there is someone who cares for us and who is actually concerned about our health. In this digital world, when there is a race for getting more followers on Instagram and Youtube, find someone who genuinely loves you.
It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 2 people around you, as quantity can never take the place of quality in relations.
When you have a social circle (a real one where you can be yourself) it can help to reduce your stress. Because when we know that there is someone who is constantly checking upon us, we feel safe & blessed.

Besides this, good friends motivate your self-confidence and self-worth.

4. Trust God.

I have immense faith in God and his doings. I know that he will never leave me alone and will protect me from the worst.
I even believe that whatever bad I had experienced in my life had made me into a better person, whether it was losing friends, changing jobs, suffering from any illness, or a lack of financial security.
In all these years I have realized the importance of family, real friends, and prayer.

Prayer is a way of expressing our feelings to God. When we pray; we have a hope that God is going to make everything okay. We know that all the evil and bad days would diminish because God is listening to us.

In the same way, when you are sick or tensed, trust that God is listening to you and clearing out the ways for you so that you can make a stronger comeback.
Never lose your faith in God, as he will never leave you alone.

5. Get up & move.

Of course, I know it's the hardest thing to do but I also know that exercise is good for my physical and mental health. If you can't do a workout for whatever reason or the pain you are in, at least get-up and make your bed. 
Do those things that you would do on any normal day such as, brushing your teeth, bathing, standing on your balcony to get some fresh air, or taking a walk.

If you have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, don't get upset! Know that it is for your own good and for the safety of your near ones. Express gratitude that you are safe in your home and not in the hospital.

 Also, don't get panic. Listen to your favorite songs, iron your clothes, make a yummy breakfast for yourself, and do what you want to do.

These little things can really help you to feel good about yourself.


Having a positive mental outlook towards situations or things can help us to feel good. Hence, we can recover from the illness that we have been suffering for a very long time.
A positive attitude along with proper medications is necessary for each one of us to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

I hope this article has helped you to understand how positive thinking can cure our illness!
If you have any suggestions for me or related to this article you can write down your feedback in the given comment section below.

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