7 Ways To Stop Taking Things Too Personally And Live A Stress-Free Life

Are you also someone who takes everything on themselves? 

I mean, regardless of what the other person says, do you believe they are doing everything they can to hurt you?

You believe that everything they do or say is done with the intent of making you feel bad about yourself. However, most of the time, these things aren't even about you or caused by you.

So, if you are constantly putting strain on your mind and experiencing feelings of guilt or unease, you must stop.

Because from today onwards you don't need to bother about everything so much.

Here you will get seven easy tips that will allow you to take control over yourself, your emotions, and how you respond to the world while not taking things personally.

But before we proceed further, we need to know why we take everything on ourselves which leads to emotional unrest.

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Why do we take things personally?

Suppose one day you went to your boss to ask something and instead of explaining to you politely, he scolded you for not being attentive and for various other reasons.  
You went out of his cabin and started feeling bad about yourself. You took his behavior on a personal level and got hurt by the words he said to you.

You might think that if you were more smart and intelligent this would not have had happened to you. 

But this is completely incorrect. Many of us struggle with the idea that everything revolves around ourselves when it most certainly does not. 

Yes, your boss might be right on a certain level and, you may need to improve and be more productive but his behavior towards you was never your fault. 

His behavior is nothing but an emotional infection that leads him to say those words.

Life will be so much better if we don't take everything so personally. However, because this is a human thought pattern, it is more prevalent than you might believe. We have a tendency to take personal responsibility for events over which we have little or no influence.

This is why we need to stop taking things on a personal level.

7 easy ways to stop taking things personally

1.  Don't bother much about people- In the end, It's your life and only you are responsible for it so why give others the remote control? You should only focus on yourself and the people who genuinely care for you. People will come, speak and leave. But you have to live. So live happily.

2.  Take a pause before concluding- When we hear something we didn't expect to hear, we often jump to conclusions, blaming ourselves and others. This is why according to Psychology Todayjumping to conclusions is not only bad for your relationships but also bad for your mental health.

3.  Know that everyone's beliefs are different- If you greet someone and they don't greet you back, what do you do? You may wonder what you did wrong in the past that they did not wish you today! But, before you stress your mind out for the rest of the day over the same incident, remember that everyone is unique. If you greet someone, it means you believe it is polite to do the same, but the other person may not agree or may be upset about something else.

4. Be confident- Confidence is the key to happiness. Improving your self-confidence provides you with a reasonable level of resistance to other people's behaviors and opinions. That self-assurance functions as a barrier, preventing you from reacting negatively to a negative comment about yourself and allowing it to dictate your thinking.

5.  Stay busy- If you are occupied with a lot of stuff you will hardly find time to focus on things that don't matter. This is why it is essential to fill the empty space in your life with your work, hobbies, family, friends, etc so that you will not walk on the line of overthinking. 

6. Stop making assumptions- Another way to stop yourself from getting hurt or take things personally is to stop making assumptions. Misinterpretation or miscommunication can break the relation between two persons. Someone may take something personally because they misunderstood what another person said. In such a case, an unintentional compliment can be misconstrued as a satirical remark.

7.  Know your worth- You don't always need to stay with someone else to be happy. Know that your happiness is an inside job and you are the unique creation of God. Enjoy your own company. Do the things that give you an inner sense of peace or happiness. Focus on improving yourself and don't do anything intentionally to show someone else that you are happy. 


You will not instantly learn all of the above tips but with hard work and persistence, you will slowly start applying these methods in your life and live a stress-free life.

Till then Be kind. Love yourself!

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