When is the right time to emotionally detach from someone?

Attachment, either physical or emotional, helps to keep us going. Some may confuse it with love, while others are aware of their limits.

So what is this need of becoming detached from others? Why do we frequently hear from others that they require space or that they wish to withdraw from a particular relationship? 

Usually when the attachment is more from one side or when one person is giving more into a relationship they become emotionally dependent on someone. 

Attachment and caring are a part of love. However, when you see yourself willing to do more for others, it means you are dependent on them. This is why many therapists or motivators ask people to withdraw themselves from others so they do not get hurt.

detachment leads to happiness

Here we will learn why, when & how to detach from someone.

Detaching or detachment does not mean you should isolate yourself so that nobody can hurt you. It means to focus on yourself and your needs so that you do not worry about someone else's behavior.

It is the ability to emotionally disconnect from another person. Also, it suggests that you are willing to cut all links from another person emotionally and physically. Although physical space or separation can help us set boundaries and center ourselves, this is not what detaching entails.

Why do you need to detach now?

Detachment is a state of mind that, if cultivated, may be extremely beneficial in one's life. It's fine to form attachments with others, whether they're close friends or family members, but if they're causing you to lose your mind, you should cut ties with them right there.

Let's take an example- Sia has four friends. They all hang out with each other almost every weekend. Sia is happy with them because she gets positive vibes whenever she meets them. However, two of Sia's friends meet alone and do not inform her. They've started hiding things from her now. But Sia is so emotionally attached to them that she can't sleep at night, wondering why her friends are behaving this way.

In this case, Sia is suffering a lot emotionally because she has vested her feelings in them.

Yes, I know you would say that it's okay for Sia to feel this way. Many of us would get hurt knowing that our friends are hiding something from us.

But this is what attachment does to us. It sucks out our happiness and brings us to the point where we have to ask others to give us attention and love.


Why do I have to ask others to involve me in their conversations? 

That is why DETACHMENT matters! When you mentally set your boundaries, you are aware that everyone has their own set of behaviors and will do what they believe is right. You will not be bothered.

When should you detach from someone?

You may be wondering the right time to detach from others. Detachment is nothing but putting all focus on ourselves rather than others. It simply means to let go of what other people do or think, no matter how close you are.  

So if you want to know when is the right time to step back from someone emotionally, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your happiness rely on others?
  • Are you available for someone every time they ask you?
  • Do you spend time worrying about other people's problems?
  • Do you have strong emotional reactions to other people's ideas, thoughts, feelings, and judgments?
  • Do you put your career, hobbies, activities, or friends on hold because of a relationship?
  • Do you wonder what others are doing and thinking?

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in such situations, it's time to become emotionally free. 

How to detach from someone?

To detach, you must first accept the situation as it is. Once you are aware of the fact that this thing is sucking your mental peace.
Here are some tips that might help you to remove yourself from negativity and misery:

1. Build your identity- It's time for some self-love baby. There are more than enough facts that say self-love is the key to a better and high-vibrating personality. So you must start doing things that fulfill your life's purpose and make you happy.

2. Forgive yourself & others- Detachment also necessitates the ability to forgive. What has happened in the past cannot be undone. We cannot go back into our past and ask others why they behaved in a certain way. So it's better to forgive ourselves as well as others if we want peace. 

3. Set boundaries-  Drawing a line between yourself and the other person to ensure that your mental health does not get harmed is known as setting boundaries. Hence, if you want to stay away from people who disturb you emotionally, you need to practice setting emotional boundaries. 

4. Learn to let go- Letting go of a toxic, unhealthy, and negative relationship can mean that you have lost a piece of yourself. Because you were so emotionally invested in another person, you may believe that it is true. But, in reality, you've become a new person.

5. Align with God- My relationship with God has always saved me. Now it's time for you to protect yourself from misery. We all know that the only relation that will never hurt our sentiments but instead will help to uplift us is our relationship with the highest power. So, start meditating and chanting God's name and he will take you out from misery.


Your life is a precious gift by God for you. Don't waste it by consuming the negativity of other people. Practice detachment whenever you find yourself in an oppressing situation. Stay away from those who do not fit in your life's journey.

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