Not Forgiving Yourself Is The Key To Unhappiness

Why do we need to forgive ourselves?

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“Forgiveness is for yourself because it frees you. It lets you out of that prison you put yourself in.” Louise Hay

Forgiveness can be difficult especially when it comes to our dear ones. Forgiving someone is not easy who has hurt us. Though we sometimes may even forgive them we never forget their actions or their words which treated us poorly. This person can be anyone, our spouse, siblings, parents, friends, or colleagues.
However, what is more difficult, is to forgive ourselves!
We honestly don't even know that we are the ones who are hurting ourselves by replaying the scenario of the past events than the person who had actually hurt us.
Forgiving someone else may become easy at a particular point in time because when we forgive others we somehow know that it is the only thing to save our relationship and the other person is also a human and we all make mistakes.
Yet when it's time to forgive ourselves we don't realize this and hence we give ourselves more and more pain by blaming or criticizing ourselves.
Our healing stops because when we are doing negative self-talk, blaming ourselves for all the events that occurred in our life, we are committing the crime of hurting ourselves. 
We need to recognize that the power to change our lives is in our hands and when we underestimate this power we fall into the trap of being a victim.
We have actually tied up ourselves with our past and we keep on thinking about past experiences and past mistakes.
We keep on thinking about what other people did to us, or what we did to other people or what we have done to ourselves?
When there's no point in these thoughts. Because what has happened in the past is already done. We cannot change or undo it.
Anything we have faced in the past is because of our karma and destiny and digging out the past every time and blaming ourselves is going to only injure us more and more.

By continuously thinking about our past we are forgetting about our present situations and forgetting the present moments. We are blocking the unlimited future blessings of the future.
And hence, we end up manifesting the opposite of exactly what we want. We end up getting the same relationship or the same kind of job again which we earlier did not like. This leads to many severe problems.
Not forgiving yourself or unforgiveness will only give us more health problems and may even cause depression.
What someone has does to you it's their karma and they will eventually be liable for their actions. But what you are doing by thinking about them most of the time and playing all the negative thoughts in your mind is giving yourself more pain.

So Why do We Need to Forgive Ourselves?

1.For Yourself- When you will forgive yourself for all your mistakes, regrets, decisions, and everything, it will give you Peace. You will feel lighter and happier Your soul will feel free from all of the burden that you have been carrying with you for so many years. By stopping that negative self-talk and changing it into the positive one, you will feel good and attract more abundance into your life. Also, if you remember, Happiness starts with only You!

For instance, let's imagine your teacher scolded you around 15 years back in front of all your classmates and humiliated you by punishing you. He/she might have done this because he/she might felt that this is the right way to stop you from doing any mischievous things and he/she also had forgotten about that thing is just 5 seconds. But what you are doing is you have carried that thing in your mind from the last 15 years and you keep on thinking about that past event which has nothing to do in your present moment. You have carried that weight along with you and made your soul heavier.

Think about this issue every time, you think about any past event which has nothing to do with your reality.

2. Accept & Let Go- Whatever you have faced in your past, revise it, reminisce it, and let it go. I know it's not easy to forget. We often think about the words that the other person has said to us and we build resentment in our minds by thinking about those harsh words or bad events. But, in order to live a burden-free life we have to accept the situation, let it go, and wait for God's miracle to give us the strength to deal with it.  It's okay if you think that you have moved out of that situation but it hits you again. It is completely okay. Miracles are always happening around us. God is always blessing us in one form or the other. If there is any bad situation in your life right now, take out its lessons. What this situation is trying to teach you. Take the guidance from God and let go of all the past failures, fears, bad relationships, toxic exes, and everything which has hurt you so that you don't hurt yourself more.

3. Take responsibility- To make your future better and to make your present stress-free take the responsibility now to not let any past situation arise again which has hurt you already in the past. Taking action for your future self is going to make you more productive and successful. When you understand that every person makes mistakes and every person is hurt by one or the other means, you realize that nobody is perfect and it is only our misconception that only successful people are happy. But the reality is, Happy people are successful if they are willing to take action for their future and they don't let any hindrance come in their way. 

4. Learn from your mistakes- Try to learn from your mistakes, from your decisions what they have taught you. Do not think in a negative way like "I made this decision, this is all my fault." No, this isn't your fault. It is the fault of that person who didn't realize your value earlier. He's going to regret that he lost a gem. You are worthy of all the love that you give. Learning your lessons will make you more strong and a kind person because then you would be able to heal yourself and maybe you could heal any other person with your positive influence. So gaining knowledge is never a bad thing. Discover yourself and learn from your mistakes so that you make yourself proud in the future.

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5. You are enough- Not forgiving yourself will always give you guilt and you will feel bad about yourself. Every time you replay that negative scenario in your mind you start to believe that you are not good enough and you lose your self-worth.  But there is no need to worry about those past events. There is no need to fill your mind with these fake thoughts because you are worth it, you are special, you are enough.!

The relationship you have with yourself is the most beautiful one. You are your strength, your companion, your best friend. So when you learn to accept yourself whole-heartedly, you make a growth!

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