9 Tiny Habits That Will Set Your Morning Routine

 The moment you wake up, you start surfing your social media to see what your friends or people whom you don't like in real life (but you are still following them over social media) have posted.

If someone is putting a story of them running or working out, your first thought in the morning would be- "They are getting fit and I am still fat or ugly"! 

And from that moment,  you curse or doubt yourself the whole day because you think that you are unable to do things that others are doing.

This was 1 side. 

The other side could be:

You hurry to get ready for work an hour before it begins. Before heading out the door, you shower quickly and grab an energy bar and a cup of coffee. The day has not even started yet and you feel exhausted and by the end of the week, you are all so drained up and burnt. This week again you couldn't reach your weekly goals and the cycle goes on and on...

So what is the exact way to set your life back on track? How can you set a morning routine that will give you an abundance of everything that you always wanted?

Here is the answer: HABITS

Habits create our day-to-day experiences and thus form our lifestyle. To change our lifestyle, we must change our habits.

Why are habits and routines important?

Everyone has different habits. Our daily habits include our physical, mental, psychological, and personal choices.  No matter how busy a person is, he/she always has a habit of doing something which is making an impact on their lifestyle. 
In order to improve a certain aspect of your life; be it family, work, relations, or anything related to yourself, you must start with changing your certain habits which you think that do not fit anymore.

Here are 9 easy and tiny habits that will help set your morning routine:

 1.  Wake up at least 20 mins earlier than usual- You may have heard this phrase a thousand times that- "Early to bed, and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!" But don't worry, you won't read the same story here again. 

If you are a night owl and it's hard for you to wake up early in the morning, set your alarm prior to 20 minutes than you usually get up. For instance, if you wake up around 10:00am, then set your alarm at 9:40am. In this way, you will start waking up early.

  2.  Be thankful for another day- The moment you get up, say Thank You to god. Be grateful for witnessing another day. Gratitude has the power to make you feel grounded and kind. Shift your focus towards all the things you have right now and be grateful for them.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to obtain a deeper understanding of yourself. As at this moment, your mind is completely fresh and calm.

 3.  Drink a glass of water- Drinking a warm glass of water in the morning is the quickest way to rehydrate yourself. Try drinking a glass of lemon water with honey as it is full of antioxidants which are good for your digestive system.

Drinking warm water in the morning also helps to regulate our body and mind's functioning, which ultimately improves our physical and mental health.

 4.  Make your bed- According to McCraven: “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task"!

When you will make your bed, it will give you the energy to do chores for the rest of the day and moreover your room will look better which will ultimately make your mood better.

 5.  Set your morning intention- Setting an intention is different than setting a goal. It will depict how your day will be. Apart from eating, drinking, working, and doing all the other things, you have to create a mindset to do all of these chores. This would be possible by setting a morning intention.

Repeat some positive affirmations to yourself in the morning to experience a good day.

 6.  Move your body for at least 5 mins- Exercising in the morning has many benefits. But if you are unable to work out in the morning, then do stretching or jumping for at least 5 minutes. Morning exercise improves blood flow, releases endorphins, and strengthens the muscle. It helps you get ready for the day ahead, raises your overall energy levels, and keeps you well.

Implementing a consistent exercise routine will help you reach optimum success during the day.

7.  Have a proper breakfast- The food you consume in the morning puts a great impact on your overall day. People who eat a full bowl of breakfast in the morning are less likely to be obese and have stable blood sugar levels. 

A balanced breakfast increases your energy levels, enhances your short-term memory, and allows you to focus more deeply and for longer periods of time.

8. Plan your day- After having your breakfast and doing all the above-mentioned things, it's time to plan your day. Making a habit of writing the goals for each day makes you more productive and helps in your decision-making power.

It's better to identify your priorities and write them in a hierarchical order so that you can complete each goal at a given point of time.

9. Stay positive- Finally, the most important habit that will remain with you for a lifetime is the habit of positive thinking.

Developing a habit of positive thinking will assist you in facing difficulty, even though it seems to be entirely out of your grasp. But you can do so with proper meditation and having faith in the universe.


Hence, the right morning habits can make your morning routine start off right. 
So what do you do to start your day right?

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