Ditch The Victim Mentality In 5 Easy Ways

Have you ever felt like a victim? Do you self-pity all the time? 

Do you think the whole world is against you and no one seems to care about you?

Well if you do so or if you know someone who always thinks he is helpless and powerless then it may be because of victim mentality.

stop victim mentality

Who is a victim?

A victim is someone who has been robbed, attacked, humiliated, tortured physically. But when someone intentionally tries to divert the situation around himself, we might say, "He is playing a victim card!" Why? Because we can easily understand that nothing has happened to him or nobody tortured him, still he is self-pitying himself for no reason.

In general, we all are victims. At one point or other, we all have felt helpless. While some of us ditched our helplessness and stood firm but others couldn't leave their victim mindset. 

Signs of a victim mentality

Not everyone purposely plays a sympathy card, sometimes they don't know how to overcome a situation that leads to them being a victim. To know if you have a victim mindset or not, you must read the signs below:

  • You feel everyone is against you.
  • You accept your situation as it is.
  • You don't do anything to come out of the unwanted situation.
  • You blame others for your loss.
  • You react annoyingly to negative feedback and criticism.
  • You feel good when someone pity you.
  • You constantly indulge in pessimistic self-talk and self-pity.
  • You try to take sympathy from others.

How to ditch the victim mentality

You can stop feeling like a victim permanently and can emotionally build yourself up using the 5 easy ways:

1.  Be willing to change the situation

As soon as you get into an unwanted situation like losing a job, running out of money, gaining weight, or whatever it is, be willing to change it.
Don't just sit around a  corner and vent. While it's okay to cry or be sad about your situation, but you cannot do it continuously. Have the courage and willingness to change any negative situation into a positive one.

2. Stay away from negative people

The next thing you can do to change your victim mindset into a mentally strong person is when you stay away from negative people. Your surroundings define who you are. Even if don't want to be a victim, you may still end up being a sufferer if you keep on letting people attack you.

3. Practice Forgiveness

Forgiving others can be hard when they have hurt us in the past. But the most challenging part is forgiving ourselves. You need to forgive and set yourself free to feel free and happy. When you don't let go of your past mistakes you tend to self-pity which then leads to being a victim. You must understand that replaying the past scenarios won't change anything in your present but will definitely take away your happiness.

4. Take a break

When we start something new it can be tough. Some days are OK while most days are full of stress and anxiety. In that case, taking a mental break can prove to be a great advantage for us. When you emotionally take a break from all those thoughts that are running in your mind, you feel relaxed and calm. So, take a mental break whenever you feel it is necessary for you.

5. Empower yourself with positive self-affirmations

Having a victim mentality may cause you to do negative self-talk all the time which ultimately lowers your self-confidence. When you start repeating positive self-affirmations with "I am" and "I can" you feel energized, positive, and happy. Positive self-affirmations are extremely powerful and can help you change your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Final Words

You can achieve a strong mindset and ditch the victim mode once you know you are a victim who constantly lowers his/her energy down and those of others. Having a victim mindset doesn't mean you are a bad person, it only means you don't know how to change your helplessness into hopefulness.

Practice these steps with self-love, compassion, and kindness and you can shift your personality.  

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