Dive Deep: The Key to Everything Lies Inside

We are social beings. We crave connections, love, and a sense of belonging. Everybody wants to be liked and appreciated by others, thus we all look for friends and a particular someone to spend our time with. We hope they will choose us, value us, and desire for us to be in their lives.

Even most of the time, we are busy with our work, but when we are free, say weekends, we overthink, call friends to hang out, and if they have plans, we get sad.

But not even for one second, we find this rejection a redirection: the Universe wants us to be alone for a reason. It has its own plans, which we normal people can't understand. 

Perhaps it's an opportunity to stop, think, and get back in touch with ourselves. 

Consider witnessing friends in fulfilling partnerships. Even while it could at first make you feel alone, this response can be a very useful one. It can help us identify areas in our own lives that require improvement or attention.

Let us explore how living in solitude is not a punishment but a blessing from the universe to give us the time to improve ourselves.

Find peace in solitude

Solitude: A chance to reconnect with you

The Universe in its own way, always guide us to take a better path, to live a better life, to be peaceful and content on our own. Yet we see being alone as loneliness and suffering internally.

Here's why living in solitude can be a gift:

  • Self-discovery: It gives us a chance to listen to the voice of our higher self when all the external noises fade away. You don't need outside forces to explore your interests, aspirations, and objectives as you can do it on your own in a peaceful environment.

  • Emotional Awareness: Solitude heightens our emotional responses. Seeing happy relationships may cause emotions of isolation. Instead of repressing them, use them as a compass. They can hint at areas in your life that require attention, such as a desire for deeper connections or the quest for personal pleasure.

  • Building Inner Strength: Becoming comfortable in your own company promotes self-reliance. You develop your source of validation and enjoyment, which is an essential ability for handling life's inevitable problems.

Interpreting your Triggers

Once you know that no one can give you happiness, but you, you will start forming a better relationship with yourself.

To do that, you first need to identify your triggers. Emotional triggers are like flashing neon signs. They emphasize the areas that require care. Here's how you understand them:

  • Identify the trigger: Is it envy, loneliness, or a longing to connect? Understanding the feeling allows you to address its underlying source.
  • Dig deeper: You must ask yourself, "why this is triggering me?" What is it that you really want?
  • Transform the trigger: Instead of allowing it pull you down, turn it into inspiration. Consider joining a club to meet new people, or focusing on hobbies that you enjoy.

Steps to find peace in being alone

Ultimately, a fulfilling life is not determined by one's relationship status. It is about feeling complete inside oneself, whether with or without a companion. It means not chasing, forcing, begging, or people pleasing but instead focusing on your own life and growth:

1. Do things that you like: What lights your spirit on fire? Spend time on hobbies, interests, and goals that bring you genuine satisfaction.

2. Indulge in self-care: Whether it is reading books or, going to the gym or anything simple like DIY skin care remedies. Whatever is your way of doing self-care, do that!

3. Spend time with God: He is the source of everything and you fill yourself with his name through his scriptures, faith, and mantras, you fill yourself with all the loving qualities that he has.

4. Sit in silence: No phone, no music, no distractions. Every day just with yourself either in the morning or evening for 10 minutes and listen to yourself. You want your partner to be a good listener, first be one!

5. Prioritize yourself: Prioritize your physical and mental health. Feed your body with nutritious foods, exercise, and activities which encourage peace.


Whether you're single, married, or somewhere in between, isolation might be your most valuable friend. Use it to figure out who you are, what you want, and how to live a life that feels whole. Remember that while connecting with others is vital, a deep connection with oneself is the cornerstone of a truly satisfying life.

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