How do you feel good on your own?

Some days, when we are full of energy, happy, and vibrant, we say, "Life is amazing."

But other days, when we are sad, lonely, and fearful, we curse our lives and our whole journey.

Some experiences can be good, while others can be bad, but they are all based on how we view any situation. Thus, our life experiences are based on thoughts and feelings. 

How we think about ourselves and the world can change how we go through life. The good news is that we can make good things happen by thinking happy thoughts and controlling our feelings.

So today, let's explore some ways through which we can cultivate some inner peace and happiness independent of external circumstances.

Taking charge of your emotions

Feelings like sadness, anger, loneliness, and fear are all normal but they can be too hard to handle. What we do is try to avoid these emotions by busying ourselves into movies, eating junk, drinking alcohol, etc. 

So it is crucial not to avoid your emotions, but to learn how to manage them. Let's learn how:

  • Acknowledge your feelings: Do not ignore your feelings. Let your emotions come out, and if possible, try to find out the root cause behind these emotions.
  • Express yourself: Talk to someone you think can listen and understand you. It may be anyone, your sibling, friend, spouse, or even a therapist.
  • Prioritize you: Don't go where your feelings are not prioritized. You don't need an energy taker who is meant to only drain you.
After taking charge of your emotions, the next thing you must do is to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones. 

How to feel good on your own?

How to cultivate a sense of well-being on your own?

The right thing we need to do is stop thinking about bad things over and over again as these waste our time and don't allow us to be happy. So to feel good on your own, all you need to do is:

1. Embrace self-discovery: You are your own "best friend". So as a bestie, you need to find what makes you happy, what things you like to do, and what rejuvenates your soul the most? Write these things on paper and start doing them.

2. Learn to say no: You are not obliged to always say "yes" to others even at the cost of your comfort and mental health. Respect your boundaries and say no courageously.

3. Develop healthy habits: Establish routines that are healthy for your body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps it's spending time in nature, having a soothing bath, or reading a book before bed. These routines serve as pillars that uphold your well-being.

4. Speak up for yourself: Who else do you think would speak up for you when you can't do it for yourself? Speaking up for yourself when you feel like something is not right for you helps boost your self-esteem and makes you proud of yourself.

5. Stop the comparison: Stay cautious of comparing yourself to other people. Setting time limits for things like social media and online groups could be beneficial. It's not usually the whole story that other people choose to tell about their lives.


Remember that achieving self-satisfaction is a process rather than a goal. Along the route, there will be ups and downs. The secret is to appreciate your successes, treat yourself with kindness, and keep going forward on your journey to inner peace and self-discovery.

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