How To Not Get Disturbed By People's Behaviour? Practical Ways To Follow

Do you also feel people keep getting under your skin? Do you often get irritated by someone else's simple yet weird habits? 

If so, you are not alone here! We all sometimes get disturbed by the behavior of others. 

Now let me tell you the hard TRUTH! 

If you keep getting offended or even hurt by someone's words, actions, or behavior, that is your problem. Because people behave according to their knowledge, wisdom, and karma. This does not have to do anything with you or your mood. 

You might think that it is impossible to keep calm when someone is constantly making you angry, frustrated, or irritated. 

But ask yourself if they are giving you the negative emotions or are you creating them on your own?

 When we are aware that our soul is made of seven qualities, which are purity, peace, love, joy, bliss, power, and knowledge, then why would we create negative emotions and hurt ourselves?

We believe that the other person is to blame for how we feel because we have forgotten our true inner qualities and seek them from outside sources.

The reality is that we do not need to go out and ask people to behave according to our way. They can act according to their ways while we remain indulged in our seven qualities. 

Let's understand this in a more accessible way!

How To Not Get Disturbed By People's Behaviour?

What circumstances make us react negatively?

In our day-to-day life, we behave negatively even during not-so-big circumstances, such as:

  • When your colleague or family member talks too loudly or does not keep their mouth shut while eating,
  • When you get a bad grade, do not qualify for a job, or even miss a deadline,
  • When others talk rudely to you without any fault of yours,
  • When someone does something opposite of what you said to them,
  • When someone is doing better than you,
  • When you see or experience negative media.

Easy ways to stop giving power to people and remain unaffected in your life

Well, if you think that you cannot do anything except get hurt by the people around you, then you are wrong. There are some ways or practices through which we can stop letting people have control over how we feel.

1. Establish healthy boundaries- Whether it's a coworker who always vents about their disliking the job or a friend who constantly calls you for backbiting their boyfriend, you must establish boundaries. You should stand up for yourself and speak firmly and politely to the person about your needs and wants. In this way, they would know what to say in front of you and what not!

2. Take responsibility- You cannot let the day control you. You must control the day. If something or someone is bothering you and you are not doing anything but crying and getting hurt, then you do not love yourself. Because if you loved yourself, you would have taken the responsibility to either change the situation or change how you feel. No matter what, you must take responsibility for how you want to live your life. Nobody has the power to make you frustrated unless you give them the opportunity.

3. Think the other way- If you are aware of LoA, you must have heard that people are a reflection of what is going on inside us. They will behave and act in the same way as we are feeling on the inside. So, you might think that if your spouse or a friend is degrading you constantly, then it means you want them to do so. But it is not true. You have to understand that people are entirely free to choose how they respond or behave. They lack the awareness to realize that they are spitting trash outside. When you see someone spewing trash out of their mouth, your job is to move aside. Just walk away and know that you are not responsible for their emotions.

4. Live according to your morals- If you reciprocate the same energy that the other is giving to you, then there is no difference between you both. Yes, I know that it hurts when the person you love the most speaks arrogantly to you. But you must remember the seven qualities of your soul and live according to them. When you're clear on your values, you'll be less concerned with following the crowd and its opinions.

5. Forgive and move on- I used to hold on to a grudge for so long and keep revisiting my past, but when I realized that it was taking me nowhere but wasting my time, I chose to divert my mind to something else. Holding a grudge diminishes your life, not the lives of others. Don't waste your valuable time and energy rehashing old hurts and attempting to punish someone else. Choose to forgive them, not for them but for your happiness and peace. Know that what's meant for you will never break your heart.

6. Stop asking for validation- If you need others' approval or affirmation that you're good enough, those people will always have power over you. Make your self-worth independent of others. You are worthy and deserving. Choose to love yourself and accept yourself and be willing to change for your own benefit.


Dealing with difficult people becomes easy when we are mindful of who we are and what we are. Instead of seeing people for their actions, let's understand that we are all souls who are responsible for our destiny depending upon our own karma. 

So, let's impress God and make a beautiful connection with him by doing good deeds instead of making people realize our worth!

Hope this helps! 

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