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Devoting your time and energy to something or someone may deteriorate your mental health if you are not aware of it. We can become emotionally and psychologically exhausted without doing much physical work.

If this happens to you and you are also a victim of low energy on most days, then read this complete blog post!

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Emotional exhaustion can happen when a person feels emotionally exhausted and drained. People who have low energy levels may be suffering from emotional exhaustion and a sense that they have little control over their lives. They believe they are trapped and can't get out of a circumstance.

This emotional exhaustion can also lead to low energy, poor appetite, less or more sleep, lack of motivation, and a lot more.

So, what are the warning indications that your energy is being depleted? If you identify with any of the above statements, don't worry; it's never too late to heal yourself.

7 Warning Signs Of A Drained-Out Energy

1. Constantly Thinking- Even if we are not doing anything physically, our mind does not stop working. Its work is to process information and command our organs. If you find yourself thinking about something or someone for an extended period, this could be a sign of emotional tiredness. While it is healthy to think about your partner, if your dominating thoughts about them are unpleasant, this can be a sign of poor emotional health.

2. Crying more often- To be honest, the last month has been nothing but a crying session for me. I cried for ridiculous and irrational reasons. We normally learn to regulate our emotions as we get older and only get emotional when something significant happens in our lives. However, for some who have been pushed to their breaking point, crying may become a weekly or even daily habit. If this has become a part of your daily routine, then it may be a sign of low energy.

3. Feel tired- According to Healthline, feeling tired is a sign of emotional exhaustion. When you don't have the energy to accomplish anything, or if you do something but aren't happy or driven enough to do it, this is an indication of low and depleted energy.

4. Get irritated easily- Are you easily irritated? Are you often annoyed by minor things or situations? Anger and stress are definitely linked. Someone who is frustrated may be suffering from a lot of stress, which manifests as rage. His tolerance power decreases, and he may become enraged over anything.

5. Physical symptoms- An unexpected backache or stomach ache could be a symptom of emotional stress. We are sometimes oblivious of our low energy, which manifests physiologically as headaches, limb discomfort, joint pain, back pain, appetite changes, and so on. If you are experiencing pain without being injured or cramping, this could be an indication of emotional weariness.

6. Need a vacation- Planning and going out on a vacation is a good thing as it rejuvenates and revitalizes our mood. But if you have been longing for a weekend or a vacation for a long time, then you may be physically or emotionally exhausted, or maybe both.

7. Surrounded by energy vampire- An energy vampire is someone who, knowingly or unknowingly, drains your energy. They could be friends, lovers, spouses, family members, or maybe someone else. They feast on our desire to care for and listen to them, and they will always leave you exhausted. Check out the signs of an energy vampire here.

Steps to Reboot Your Energy

Now that you are aware of the symptoms/signs that drain out your energy, it's time to take some steps that will help alleviate the stress inside you and make you a happy and energetic person. 

You'll find it difficult at first to stick to these routines, but you'll get there eventually. Let's begin...

  • Take responsibility- The first step towards re-energizing yourself is to stop the blame game and start taking responsibility. Even if you are feeling this way because of someone else, it is now time to mend and re-energize yourself. You will lose vitality if you blame others. As a result, understand that it is entirely your job to keep your energy levels stable.

  • Setting boundaries- If you are influenced by an energy vampire and you have to deal with them daily, setting boundaries is the best approach to prevent them from draining your energy. By making certain changes and avoiding sitting or talking with them as much as you can, you can prevent yourself from draining.

  • Give yourself space- You cannot just let anyone into your life at any time. While it's fine to be compassionate toward others, it's also important to allow yourself space before you do so. You don't have to answer every phone call or accept every invitation. Feel free to give yourself time to heal.

  • Breathwork- I have talked a lot about deep breathing in my previous blog posts. Taking a few deep breaths when emotionally exhausted can reduce our heart rate and help our bodies feel more aligned with our heads.

  • Go out- Nature has incredible healing power. Watching sunsets or sunrises or simply feeling the warmth of fresh air on your skin feels beautiful.  The sound, sight, and smell of pine trees on a warm day can make you calm and peaceful. So get out into nature the next time you need to recharge your batteries.


Do not allow others to consume you. Don't pass over your power of happiness to someone else. Only you have the ability to transform your energy and fill it with abundance and peace. Use it wisely or you will feel drained for the rest of your life!

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