Why you should stop listening to people and start following your own voice?

Everyone has something to say, whether it's your friends, spouse, parents, colleagues, or even individuals you don't know but see on social media.

if you continue to listen to others you will never achieve your goals

While most of us claim that we do what we like and listen to our own intuition. But there are times when we get stuck in confusion and run to people for solutions.

Although it is beneficial to seek advice from others, relying completely on them may prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

No matter how close you are to them, they are unaware of your hopes, aspirations, and desires.

Stop Following Others And Start Listening To Yourself

Always listening to others can halt your success and prevent you from achieving your next big goal.

Here are some reasons that suggest why walking on the advice of others can mislead you:

  • They tell you what they want you to do- We are sometimes surrounded by manipulative persons who get their work done without our knowledge. They take advantage of our gullibility and advise us to do what they want.

  • They want to bring you down- Some people tend to peer around corners with their noses.  They like making fun of and belittling others. Even if you don't seek their help, they will start pointing out your weaknesses and use them to manipulate or degrade you.

  • They are jealous of you- Some people are only good to your face but in reality, they backbite you and are jealous of you who you are. The fact is- they are jealous of your individuality, the love you get from others, and your success. They want to be like you and, when they can't they get insecure and pass comments on you.

  • They have no idea what is best for you- In case you go to a friend or acquaintance to seek advice regarding something important in your life, they cannot suggest what is completely right for you. Only you know what's best for you, and learning from your mistakes is part of that. 

How to stop listening to other people?

How to prevent yourself from listening to them and instead follow your inner voice?

1. It isn't their life, so it isn't their concern- People have the right to believe whatever they want, just as you have the right to believe whatever you want.  Their opinions cannot make or change your worth so don't let them take the remote control of your life. It is up to you how you want to live your life. 

2. They are not YOU- Only you know what you have been through, others don't. Nobody is you and, that is your power. Therefore, do not let other people decide what's right for you because they don't live in your heart. 

3. Be responsible about your actions- Nobody can make you feel bad, sad, or guilty unless you let them affect you. If you get affected by people easily and listen to what they suggest then it's time to stop the blame game and be responsible for your actions. Spend 5 minutes with yourself and ask yourself how you want to feel. This may appear challenging at first, but if you continue, you may find the solutions to all of your issues.

4. Don't forget your morals and values- If you are conscious of your ideals, you won't be concerned about accepting solicited or unsolicited advice from others. Because you already understand the distinction between right and wrong. For example, if one of your friends says something that does not align with your values, you know what to do.

5. Stop being your own enemy- You criticize yourself every time you make mistake and, then you get in the trap of guilt and betrayal. However, you should learn to embrace your mistakes and work to improve. You won't be able to attain your goals and aspirations unless and until you learn to be your own best friend and trust yourself.

6. It's okay if others disagree with you- Others, just like you, will have their own points of view. Some people may hold the same beliefs as you. There will almost always be disagreements about evaluations and attitudes. The best thing you can do is accept people and not expect anything from them.

The Bottom Line

Always remember to be your own guide first and then seek the support of the RIGHT PEOPLE. If you believe no one can provide you with the appropriate guidance, connect with your inner self and ask a higher power to lead you in the right direction.

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