How to see the optimistic side of life when things are not your way?

You have to attend an important meeting and, your keys are not there. 

You are scared that you are already late and nervous at the same time because you don't want to create a mess.

In this situation, it's easy to get disturbed and lose your calm. Isn't it?

But what if I told you that losing your cool and becoming furious will make you agitated and will not help you find what you're looking for?

On the other hand, if you sit calmly for a minute, take a deep breath, and then think about where you kept your keys, you might be able to find them.

Maybe it's just beside your table and, due to your restlessness, you were not able to find it.

The goal is to see the bright side of life

It is always the same case in our everyday life. We always want to react instead of respond which makes things worse.

Sometimes without even knowing the whole story, we react and hurt ourselves as well as people close to us.

We do or say things out of rage to individuals who genuinely want to help us.

So how can we stop reacting and start responding?

How should we teach our mind to see the bright side of life even when our life is upside down?

Do you think it's possible? 

Yes, it is!

Let's find out how?

But first, we must understand the underlying cause of our behavior; only then will we be able to discover a real solution.

Surrounded by negativity

We are often exposed to the negativity of life either by social media, television, or news shared by a family member in our WhatsApp groups.

There is negativity almost all around and, that is what we see, read and consume. 

And we all know that- "we are what we consume".

You may be wondering how it is possible to avoid negative things, people, or situations.

We can't get away from people, and we may mistakenly or knowingly see or hear something bad, so what can we do to avoid it?

Of course, we cannot go on renunciation and begin a new life as monks by giving up everything.

However, even when leading a regular life, we can prevent negative energy from entering our lives and influencing our way of life.

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Finding the real solution

The only way to stop yourself from thinking negatively or reacting outrageously is to think positively. 

It's like shifting your mindset the moment you catch yourself thinking negatively. 

Although this will not happen with a single click, you must be conscious of your thoughts as well as analyze the situation before beginning to work on it.

how you behave today will set your tomorrow

When confronted with a circumstance, our thoughts take precedence. If we obtain what we want, our mind sends us a happy signal, and if we don't, our mind sends us the same signal.

So, in essence, our minds identify situations as positive or negative, and we react accordingly.

To be positive in a bad situation, we must first accept responsibility for it, no matter how much we believe it was caused by someone else.

The control lies in your hand

Nobody but you can make you happy or sad. Nothing, not a situation, not a person, not anything, is to blame for how you feel. Your entire role is in your hands.

If you get angry or hold grudge against someone you will feel negative. On the other hand, if you think about the people you care about or recall God, you will feel better.

So, you see, the whole responsibility is in your hands. 
If you can't locate something and blame the other person or the situation for your frustration, you'll become negative.

However, if you think quietly and try to recall where you put the keys, you will not only recover your keys but also build confidence in yourself.

You will also start to believe that only you have the power to change your situation and your life. 

And once you are conscious of your power, you will be able to use it practically.

Here are 5 ways through which you can choose to be positive in any situation:

1. Talk it out loud- No matter how much your brain tries to convince you that this situation is bad or you cannot do anything. Switch your negative self-talk to positive. Keep ignoring your fears and complaints and repeating that "you are a champion" and "you can achieve anything in life."

2. Be patient- The most difficult task is to require patience when things are upside down. But you have to have patience because nothing will get back to normal in a click. Patience is the only key that will make you feel calm as well as positive.

3. Get in touch with people- Shutting yourself in isolation when you are in a negative situation will make you feel depressed and cause more anxiety. Instead, you should talk to the people who love you because you never know how someone can be of great support.

4. Opt for mood boosters- I remember how I used to cry a lot when things didn't happen my way. Even today also I get sad and keep overthinking. But now I am aware of my power. Hence, I take the help of workouts or listen to pop songs to change my mood which acts as a real stress buster for me.

5. Spend mindful time- Spending alone time with yourself is equally important as much as connecting with others. But that does not mean you lock your room and start crying. It means to know your inner self and talk with it. You can either do meditation for five minutes or simply sit back and put your heart out. By doing this, you will be more mindful and will see improvement in your mental health. 


If we train our minds to see the positive in a negative situation even tragedy cannot destroy us. With more knowledge and self-awareness we can see the optimistic side of even the negative situations. 

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