Are You Chasing Someone? Here's What You Need To Know

Have you ever been in a position when you know the other person does not want to talk with you but you still want to?

They're implying that they don't want to be with you by their acts and behaviors, but you're not ready to accept this!

You want them to call you or text you. And when they do not call or respond to your texts, you check them on all the other social media platforms.

Seeing them online on Facebook or Whatsapp makes your heartache Isn't it?

Trust me I know how it feels to feel abandoned, and shattered. It looks like we are the most unworthy human on this planet. We beat ourselves up. We feel guilt and shame and curse our destiny.

Never chase anyone
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It is the most pathetic thing that we all humans do (except those who love themselves).

Yes, someone who is incubated with self-love will never beg anyone to be in their lives. They won't run or chase someone because they are happy loving themselves. They are full of love and, they give love to everyone around them without expecting others to return them the same. 

Thats' what we all should do! 

We can't change anyone else, but we can change ourselves.

I know you might think that- "It's easy to say so, but hard to give up on someone whom you love so much!"

But my dear, let me tell you- "Someone who is intended to be with you or belongs in your life will always be there. You'll never have to question your place in their lives!"

Do this instead of chasing someone

Here are certain things that you should do instead of chasing and begging a person to stay in your life:

1. Focus on yourself- When you are chasing someone, you are only concerned about them. Your entire life revolves around them, which in turn, takes off your focus from yourself. If you're too preoccupied with chasing a guy, you're probably not giving yourself enough time. Return your attention to your life for a minute and do the things that make you happy.

2. Practice self-love- Before I started this blog, I was a different person. I used to chase people in my life. I always wanted the other person to stay in my life no matter how they used to treat me. Fast forward, now when I am full of self-love, the only person that matters the most in my life is myself. Self-love has made me a better person. When you shift the entire focus on you and disable all the negative self-talk, you create a different reality.

Try these positive self-love affirmations and see how fast your life changes!

3. Let them go- We have always heard the phrase that- "If something is meant to be in our lives, it will automatically gravitate towards us. And if not, it means they are not supposed to stay in our lives."  Let this phrase become the sole mantra of your life and move forward from the energy of lack to the energy of abundance. Continue to live your life happily, and the right person will come into your life on their own.


When you already have what you need, you won't expect others to give it to you. For example, suppose you have a cup of ice cream and the other person does as well. If you get an ice cream craving now, you'll eat it right off your plate. Even if the other person does not provide, you will not be disappointed because you already have all you require.

The same is the case with love. If you love yourself and speak respectfully to yourself, it doesn't matter whether or not the other person talks politely to you. This is how our life works. 

Offer yourself what you want others to give you first, whether it's an emotional or mental need.

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