5 Easy Ways To Manage Your Mental Wellbeing During Covid19

In 2020 when the pandemic hit the world, we all got stressed, anxious and upset. We had to stay away from our loved ones and isolate ourselves to protect them.

But gradually, we made it through it, and in December 2020, we all wished for a happy new year. We all thought this coming year would bring back our happiness and everything would get better.

But little did we know that this situation was going to be worse. 

Wait, I am not going to make you feel depressed!

A lot is going on right now, be it the shortage of beds, oxygen, or the poor development of our healthcare system. Our social media feeds are flooded with messages from people who need assistance or news outlets broadcasting disturbing images of dead bodies.

When I see such posts on my Instagram account, I feel gloomy about the situation. That feeling of fear and numbness that I experience, I am sure you guys experience it too.

But as it is said that- "Hope is the only thing that can help us get through the darkest of times." It is the only key that will help us get through this terrible situation.

Although it is natural to feel stress and anxiety, it does not mean that we allow our negative emotions to dominate us.

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There are a lot of ways through which we can divert our minds and focus on our mental health. Here's what we can do to keep our mental wellbeing at ease:

1. Take breaks from reading, watching, or listening to the news- After some time, it can become disturbing than informative. While it is beneficial to be aware, hearing about the pandemic regularly can be distressing. Instead, try restricting your news consumption to a few times per day and taking a break from your phone, television, and computer screens for a while. If you get any messages or posts where you can help someone, then go for it. But try to remain as positive as you can be. I know it's difficult not to get emotional when you see other people's messages or tweets, but if you will send a positive thought out to the world, it will surely reach the universe.

 2. Connect with your loved ones- Talking with people about how you feel makes you feel good and comfortable. Although social distancing and lockdowns have made us isolated, on the other hand, technology has made our lives better. Call your friends and loved ones and reminisce the happy times you guys have spent together instead of talking about the current problem. Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.

3. Take care of your body- Take deep breaths. Deep breathing is a helpful exercise to calm the noise inside your head. 
When you are surrounded by negative thoughts, take a deep breath and alert your mind. Also, stretching and exercising helps to release positive hormones. So take out some time to take care of your body.

4. Listen to peaceful or soothing music- 
Music is a powerful tool for emotional wellbeing, daily performance, and better sleep. For years it is being used as healing medicine. We all know the pleasure that we feel when we listen to our favorite song. So to calm the nerves of your mind, turn on the peaceful meditation and see yourself receiving positive vibes.

5. Do activities to reduce anxiety- 
Create a daily routine to manage your time effectively so that anxiety won't come near you. Add any activity that you like to enjoy to your daily routine to help cope up with anxiety. For example, you could go for a walk with your pet or pick up a paintbrush and paint a canvas. Doing any activity, even journaling your thoughts can help you cope with anxiety.


During pandemics such as the COVID-19 outbreak, emotional distress and anxiety are normal. It's important to assist patients in recognizing and normalizing their stress levels. 
Help yourself and whosoever you can, in any way. But don't let that negativity consume you. Instead, be hopeful, have faith and together we can win this war!

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