Calm Your Mind In 3 Simple Ways

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are doing well! 
I have been dealing with stress and fear these days due to some reasons.  Anyways, we all experience stress hormones. (aren't we ?)

I feel stress only comes because of our fear and fear comes when we are not expecting something or some kind of negative situation has arisen. Sometimes we get so afraid that we start to panic and thus lose our peace of mind.
 I believe "PEACE OF MIND" is the most prestigious luxury. When you have a stable peace of mind you can do anything and others also get positive vibes from you. 

I remember how I used to take my peace of mind for granted and used to run after people and friends. You should never do this to yourself.
 But thankfully with time, I realized my priorities and now I choose myself over anything and this is all because I had faith and an urge to change. I wanted to change myself and I wanted to be happy without depending on others. 
Now finally I have realized this thing and I am choosing myself over and over again without any doubt.

If you also feel the same, if you are also stuck in a situation where you want to get out but don't know how? 
I have brought you something which I myself have been practicing over the last few years and I want to share it with you guys:

1. Breathe Slowly & Deeply

Breathing is considered to be the best technique to calm your stressed mind. Breathing plays an important role in reducing stress and anxiety. This is the reason why many spiritual healers and psychiatrists first ask you to take a deep breath.
 Also, it helps to reduce your negative thoughts.
I have also tried taking deep breaths and this really has improved my unstable mind.
What you have to do - Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale. As you will exhale with your stomach going out, you will realize as a huge burden is lifted off your body. 
Try doing this exercise 5-7 times and experience a gradual shift within your mind.

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2. Meditation/Prayer

"Prayer is simply talking to God like a friend and should be the easiest thing we do each day"-Joyce Meyer

Yes, we all know that prayer has immense power which helps us in any difficult situation. In fact, from our childhood only we start going to holy places and do prayers.
 Doing a meditation/prayer/reciting the name of God helps to reduce stress and maintain peace of mind. You have to believe in God and you have to believe in the power of your prayer. Also, just simply sitting down and doing prayer only for the sake to overcome a bad situation isn't going to help you. You have to remember him all the time and be grateful to him for all the things he has given to you.
 Never forget the Divine that gave you life, your family, health, and what not! 
You can do any meditation whichever you like or simply recite the name of God. It doesn't matter you are walking, driving, or cooking. Listening to God's name does not require any special access. It is available to you 24X7.
But first, you have to decide that if you want to live a stress-free, positive life then you have to stop being an aesthetic and start appreciating God.
Whenever I am in stress I read or listen to Gurbani (the composition of Sikh hymns).
You can do according to your beliefs and religion.

3. Positive Attitude

Honestly, this is the most difficult thing for me. I easily get stressed and worried and start overthinking when anything bad happens. 
Due to my this habit of overthinking and analyzing the situation on my own has always put me into more trouble. 
I am still working on it.
Let me tell you a real story- there was a time when I was dealing with the health issue of my family member and I was only praying for them to get better at any cost. Then I tried applying this habit of a positive attitude.
At first, it was difficult as constantly negative thoughts were beating my head, but then I recalled how a Positive Attitude can really help to stabilize your mental health.
I kept repeating some positive affirmations in my mind and the next day, everything was okay and even the health issue of my family member got well.
A positive attitude is a must for living a healthier and happier life. If you are constantly thinking negative you will only attract negative situations and toxic people in your life.
Our mind is constantly thinking and whatever it thinks, it creates.
Even if you remember, the doctors also say that prayers are more powerful than medicines.

HOW TO PRACTICE: Firstly accept the situation, don't panic! After that, listen to positive affirmations. I know its difficult to listen to something opposite of what you are facing. But please remember you have to change your reality or your attitude towards reality. When you cannot change what is happening, change your attitude. 
Listen to something positive, a guided meditation, or anything. Then repeat the same to yourself until it sits within your subconscious mind.
At first, you will find it difficult to do so, but gradually you will learn it and will find this extremely helpful.
I generally apply the same technique and leave everything in God's hands.


Calming your mind is another important aspect of the journey of loving ourselves. When we don't know how to cope up with stress and negativity, how can we commit to love ourselves? 
So stop being negative and start being positive. Trust that everything is okay and everything is working for you. 

Start loving yourself, your family, and all those people who help you in your tough times.
Prayers are very powerful.
Be kind and keep praying for everyone!

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