How To Deal With Negativity And Toxicity Surrounding You?

The world is surrounded by negativity. Everywhere there is some negative news going on which is disrupting humankind. 

We can somehow protect ourselves from the negativity of the world so that we do not see the news, messages, or videos coming our way, but what about the negative people around us?

How can we shut them off? 

These people are not bad in general, but their behavior, actions, words are so negative that it feels difficult for you to even breathe when you are with them?

 Isn't it?

So how can you overcome such negativity and toxicity that is not letting you live peacefully?

Well, it's easy to say- "Stay away from negativity"! However, in real life, it's as hard as it is easy to say.

So here's what you can do to deal with unnecessary stress, negativity, and all the toxic vibes you are getting either from a specific person or in general:

1. Music- Music has a different kind of vibe that can shift your mood in a second. Whenever someones piss you off or giving your negative energy, don't do anything but listen to good music. One should choose high energetic songs or those songs that calm his/her mind.

2. Reading books-  Reading self-help books provides you natural healing and inspiration to live your life more graciously. When you read an inspirational book every day, your brain is filled with more positivity and you get happy. Make sure to take out some time even if you read a single page.

3. Reminiscing good events-  Thinking about some good nostalgia has a positive effect on our brain which ultimately makes us happy. When you are stressed about something, put that thing aside and remember something very special to you. This technique is also used in relieving anxiety attacks.

4. Call a friend- Friendships are beneficial to one's health.  Good friends accompany you during your rough and tough times. It is advised that calling a friend when you are sad can boost your happiness and help you get out of that stressful situation. So, instead of crying and overthinking, call a friend who has a good sense of humor as he can surely make you laugh.

5. Prayer/meditation- We all know the benefits of prayer or doing meditation. Spending even a few minutes for meditation can impact a lot on your mood. It will help you achieve a sense of calm, harmony, and balance, which can improve your mental well-being as well as your overall health.

6. Self-care- Most of us are always hustling day and night to live a financially able life that we forget to take care of ourselves. When we have negative people around us, thinking about them not only spoils our mental health, but also our physical health. Try to find some alone time for yourself that can help manage your stress. For a few hours, forget about everything and just focus on yourself and your well-being.

7. Journaling- Journaling offers amazing benefits to help combat your stress, worry, or tension. I remember when I was a teenager I used to go to my bedroom and pick up a notebook to write about what happens at school. Although now, I do not publish my thoughts every day, whenever I feel sad I write what bothers me and, it calms me down quickly.
 Even studies show that journaling helps people with anxiety and improves their mental health. 

8. Be thankful- It is said that when you think about your blessings, it's impossible for you to be sad or depressed. I know it is hard to be grateful for something when you are stressed, but gratitude can help us to overcome stress and anxiety. Therefore, the next time you are unhappy, think of 3 blessings for which you are grateful and, you would feel more relaxed and at peace.

9. Spend alone time- It's time to refocus on yourself. Negativity can wear on even the most positive person over time. By keeping your life in balance, you are better equipped to handle the negative comments or situations that come your way. Exercise, meditation, prayer, or other enjoyable activities can help you relax and stay balanced. Start a new hobby, join a new class and you are ready to reach your ultimate goal of happiness.

10. Set boundaries- If the negativity is taking the soul out of you and none of the other suggestions are working for you, it's time to cut off or restrict your interaction with that individual. If you guys work together, limit the amount of time you spend together. This way, you can stay focused on your work and be more positive.


Negative people are bound to enter our life, time and again. Instead of being controlled by them, we can choose to deal with them in our way and be happy.

So, now that you've learned some fantastic techniques for overcoming negativity and toxicity, what technique are you using to avoid being affected by it?

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