20 Ways To Practice Self-Love Everyday


We all know what self-love is. Why is it important, Why should we love ourselves, and all the basic concepts regarding self-love?

In this post, I am going to talk about 20 Ways to Practice Self-Love every day.

Every single day we can practice self-love so that slowly it can become a part of us.

Just as brushing our teeth, combing our hair, dressing up, eating food is a common ritual, self-love will be a part of this if we find out how to practice it!

When we hear someone mentioning self-love, we may think, it's such a tough subject, they might have learned about this from someone professional or maybe only the rich and happy people can love themselves as they have everything.

This is where we go wrong!

No, not only the rich and poor can love themselves, we all have to love ourselves to be happy and successful, and not only to get success, but it is our birthright!

Okay, you find someone attractive, you fall in love with them after few conversations and after some time you realize they lack this, they need to change this, they are not good at this and you start complaining about them. You only start to see their flaws and whatever you two had slowly starts to vanish.

Instead of complaining and grumbling what if you start acknowledging them, what if you start helping them? And for that, you have to change your mindset from less complaining to more helping, from less judging to more loving.

Here is a beautiful quote by "Osho"

This quote states that if we are judging others, it means we have the tendency to judge ourselves. On the other hand, if we will love ourselves, we would always see people with love in our eyes.

So to change our mindset of judging, criticizing, and hatred, we have to practice self-love so much that it helps us to spread more love in the world with fewer expectations.

Below are some of the powerful ways to practice self-love. You can practice them daily and see how your life changes :

1. Make a Journal for Yourself

Grab a notebook and write down all the things you want. Then list what you like about yourself and what you want to change (only those habits which you don't like) and along with that the inspired actions you have to take. Your goals, your dreams, your desires, your beautiful experiences, everything, just write it out. This will help you to know better about yourself.
Also, you can take help of your friends and family and ask them what traits they like about you. You may get surprised after listening to their views.

2. Pamper Yourself

If you don't know what self-love actually is or you are confused about where to start. Then there is no need to panic or step back, you only have to nourish yourself and take care of yourself.
Taking care of yourself involves taking care of both physical and mental health. 
Go for a spa session, feed yourself with healthy food, watch your favourite shows and there are a lot of ways by which you can pamper yourself.
Self-love begins with self-care!

3. Go Out for a While

This is relevant to the above point. If you haven't gone out for a while, then make this routine of going out all by yourself. This will not only refresh your mind, but you will get to spend quality time with yourself, you may discover something new about your interests and also it would be a date for you, with you, planned by you.
Try to go to the market or temple/church/ wherever you like for a few minutes to refresh yourself.

4. Talk with Real Friends

Yes, surrounding yourself with real friends who encourage you and inspire you to do better in life is another important aspect of self-love. It is always said that accompany matters a lot! Pick your friends wisely! Find the difference between those who only pretend to be your friend and those who genuinely care about you. Talk with them about your interests, your life, your plans, and ask them the same. Help each other grow mentally.

5. Learn to Say No

It is essential to create your boundaries. Stop pleasing everyone. Even if you give your 100%, there will still some people who will never appreciate you. You cannot try to make everyone happy and it's not even your duty to impress everyone. Stop saying "yes" when you don't need to do. 
Remember, your emotions need as much attention as your body needs. Start listening to your mind.

6. Try New Things

There are a lot of things in life which we haven't experienced yet and I would suggest you try something new if you feel bored every day. Even I started writing a blog that I haven't even thought of doing, it didn't even come in my dream. It was like on the spot. 
I am so much into this subject so I thought why not express what I feel and maybe it could help someone!
Anyways, you can also try doing different things such as learning a new language, a new dance form, playing a sport, or anything else. Just stop procrastinating!

7. Cut Out Social Media

Social media is too noisy for us. There can be a lot of crap which is not good for our health. Everywhere there is some disturbing news, people trying to portray their best self, some are criticizing each other online, and a lot more. To slow down this noisy voice and to spend more time with yourself, you must limit your hours for it and do something productive instead of that. I know quitting is not easy, in fact, it's too hard for me to delete my social accounts, but I have prioritized my time over other important stuff.
Try managing your time over everything equally!

8. Listen to your Favourite Music

 I know you'd say- is this even a point to discuss?
But yes, it is! If you think listening to music eases your mind and soul, then go for it! Slow and relaxing music has proven to make our soul happy and boost our energy. Listen to your favourite music while doing any chore, it will help you get out of that sad mood.

9. Give Yourself Advice as You'd Give to a Friend

Imagine someone else in the same position you are, they are feeling low, sad, and depressed.
 What advice you would give to him/her? Would you help them to get out of that situation? 
Do the same with yourself! Remind yourself constantly that you are strong and can fight with anything, that you love yourself and everybody loves you and needs you.

10. Challenge Yourself

If you are going to be at the same level forever and never push yourself, then you don't love yourself. Challenging yourself forces you to push your limits and take your potential out.
I challenge myself to publish my articles after every 5-6 days even though I am not earning anything out of it and there is no compulsion, still I try to do it because that's what takes me out of laziness.

11. Stay Away From Negative Things

Whenever I open my Facebook there is always some kind of negative news feed which is so disturbing that I immediately scroll to some other stuff. There is so much negativity all around that we can't change, but at least, we can try to stay away from it. 
Do not listen or watch obstructive news all the time that you know you can't resist. Focus your mindset towards comedy, positivity and happy things.

12. Try to Find out Solutions

If you are facing any problem or you want some change in your life, don't just sit back and procrastinate, instead try to find out solutions, ask for help, help yourself, do whatever you can do to get rid of that problem. 
However, if the problem is big or you don't know how to get the answer, start taking baby steps. Start moving slowly towards finding the solution to your problem. It may take time, but slow progress is better than no progress.

13. Add Improvement Traits of Others

This is very exciting !!!!
We all have someone whom we admire a lot maybe it could be from our family or a celebrity crush or even a motivational coach. We love to watch them, listen to them, and talk about them.
Make a list of what you like about them; their personality, their physical features, the way they talk, their generous attitude, and incorporate those traits to yourself.
Remember, it is not about copying someone else. You are just improving yourself by adding their good traits into you.

14. Stop Comparing Yourself

In reference to the above point, we all have this habit to compare ourselves to others. Even if we don't want to but it happens automatically when we see someone wearing better clothes or doing better than us in their lives. 
You need to understand that everyone is different and everyone has a different purpose in their lives.
Nobody is above you and you are not above anybody.

15. Give Yourself Break

The workload can become a burden and may deteriorate health if not taken care of earlier. Working while others are resting is okay but up to a limit. Working day and night can really cause a toxic mindset.
Posting 100 pieces of content per day is not what you need. Even a single piece of content will be okay if it's done with the right intention.
Take time to time breaks so that you feel more energetic and less lethargic.

16. Forgive Yourself

We keep on reliving past memories to find out the answer to "Why did I do that at that particular time?"
What I have learned in my whole life is that all our past lessons, decisions, choices were necessary at that time to build us what we are together. They actually shaped us and made us into a better person. If you feel you have hurt somebody, say sorry to them and ask them to forgive you and you should also forgive yourself. You never know how long you are here!

17. Watch or Read Something Positive

Always read positive articles and stories that inspire you and motivate you to get up. When you will watch such things every day, slowly you will start adopting them. This will not only change your mindset but will level up your confidence level.

You can visit https://www.onlyselflove.com/ to get some motivation!

18. Stop Overthinking Everything

I am an overthinker. I over-analyze everything, like everrryyyythhhinnnggg!!!
And I also know that overthinking creates problems because I start assuming the situations and become negative. 
Yet, what I do to stop overthinking is I divert my mind over something else. I keep myself busy so that I don't think about that particular situation and wait for the right time to get the answer.

19. Review Your Existing Habits

Review what you are doing in your day and see what habits you need to change. We do many activities in a day which gradually become our habits. Some habits such as drinking alcohol, not getting up from bed, waking up late are such bad habits that never allow us to be successful in our lives.
Find out your bad habits and replace them with good ones.

20. Be Grateful

Last but not the least, be grateful. Be grateful for whatever you have. Stop COMPLAINING about what went wrong and start being grateful for what is right. You have been blessed with an abundance of great things. Your health, your family, the food you eat, and everything that you have been grateful for that.
Keep a gratitude journal and write about what you are grateful for. This will make you realize the value of even the small things in your life.
I have written a separate article about Gratitude.
You can check it here: power-of-gratitude.html


Self-love is a crucial element that should be treated as a basic need for humans. There are a lot many ways to love yourself and apply self-love into your life.
I have tried to put my best and I know that this would help a lot of people to apply self-love.

So, if you liked this post do share your views and share this article with someone who really needs to apply it!

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