5 Ways to Heal your Inner Child ! (Reparenting Part 2)

When we were children we always wanted to grow up fast and become adults because we wanted to hang out with our friends, to do a job or establish a successful career, to make money, to be in relationships, and wanted the freedom to do anything,  And now when we have become adults and behaving like adults on the outside, there is still a child present inside us who rejoices seeing an ice cream or having a candy. 

That child may have seen or witnessed something shocking which did not get healed at that particular time. And now those wounded pieces of evidence can be seen in our present behavior which is very important for us to heal so that our present should not get suffered. 

In our previous post- why-you-must-reparent-yourself.html we have learned about what reparenting is and about our inner child.

In this post, we will learn what we can do to reparent or you can say heal ourselves.

Now how can we heal our own inner child?

To begin with, first, you need to understand that there is nothing bad about it.  Please don't consider it to be a problem for yourself, or any mental or psychological issue, it is just that you have grasped something as a child which is still hindering your choices and your decisions but you are going to heal it by giving some emotional medicines. It is like a doctor giving medicine to his patient for his treatment.

          1. Self Awareness: To gain awareness and insight into what is it that is causing us to overreact, or getting anxiety, or making bad decisions. It is very important to be self-aware of your inner child. Acknowledging your inner child will no longer remain in your unconscious mind So many of us have childhood wounds that need to be healed. Awareness comes when we don't try to be harsh on ourselves and instead we accept the fact that everyone must have dealt with the same kind of experiences. Here's a tip: when you get angry or start trying to overthink something -  Take a deep breath and try to relax. This will help you to calm your mind and you would become vigilant in the next situation. Try to think that it is completely okay if you have some childhood wounds and soon you are going to heal them. The more we cultivate awareness among ourselves the better choices we can make and the better we can react.

         2. Self-Love & Self- Care: Now when you are aware of your wounded inner child, the next step comes to love and take care of yourself. We know why it is necessary to love ourselves and feed ourselves with proper care and healing. It all begins with self-love; educate yourself like a child. Give yourself the same care that you would give to a child. Guide yourself about right and wrong the way you would guide to a small baby. Isn't it cute to be your own parent? Seeking love from others, our partners, our lovers can be quite challenging because when they don't give us the love we are demanding, we feel abandoned. So why should we wait to get love from outside!?
 Here are the top 10 reasons to love ourselves:reasons-for-self-love-2.html  

         3. Use your experiences as your guidance: We all know that experiences shape us and we must learn from our mistakes. The most fundamental thing to do now is to let your experiences guide you. Let your experiences shape your future. If you know that earlier you got triggered by something, now you will not get as much triggered again in the same kind of situation. Your experiences will make you realize your behavior and will give you a chance to think of the same situation in a different way because now you are scratching from experience and not from the start.

         4. Play with yourself: Healing your inner child does not mean to be in discipline all of the time. It never says to be harsh on yourself. As a grown-up, we are asked to behave like an adult and always act with maturity. But sometimes being silly is all we need. So pick your favorite hobby as you'd like as a child and start doing it. If you don't remember one, see what other children are doing in front of you. For example, if they are blowing bubbles, eating chocolates, and if you want to do the same, then don't wait for anything, pick yourself up and enjoy!

         5. Positive self-talk: Conversations in our mind is called self-talk. Thoughts become feelings and feelings create reality. It is very important to think positively as negative thoughts can disturb your mind. A positive self-talk is an essential tool in healing ourselves as when we will be talking positively with ourselves we would slowly start healing our wounded inner child.  Regular training and practice can make it easy for us to do positive self-talk. 
To conquer the world, first, you have to conquer yourself and for that, you have to create a positive mindset with your thoughts.
A positive mindset changes you. And everything changes, when you change yourself.


To understand how healthy it can look to love yourself, you would willingly want to do it. You are doing great self-help by being your own parent. When you will heal yourself at an early age, it would be a lot easier for you to impart the same knowledge to your children. 

Furthermore, with the help of Reparenting, we can transform our lives as well as our relationships. It is very important to be aware of the inner child and if you think it's wounded, then heal it will self help or by visiting a doctor.

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