How To Become A Highly Magnetic Person

 Don't you think some people are just naturally likable?
Or their aura is so magnetic that you want to be with them because with them it feels like you can show your true self and your vibe connects instantly?

It isn't that they do something special or they have something magical inside them, but it's just that they know how to make themselves as well as others feel special about them.

And do you know that you can also be like them? You can also be irresistibly magnetic that everyone would want to stick beside you.

Becoming a charming or magnetic person, both for men and women, will not only make people want to be with you but will also boost your confidence level up. 

Before we move towards the steps that will help you become attractive towards a person,
I want to ask you how many times you have found a person naturally attractive and on what basis?
Is it because of their looks? or the color of their eyes ? or simply because their smile is just so alluring that you couldn't stop yourself but to fall in love with them?

To become a highly magnetic person, you don't have to hate or change yourself, nor do you even want to make a lot of efforts like begging or chasing anyone.
You just have to be YOU!

This is what I have learned in the concept of the Law Of Attraction.

This LoA says that- Like Attracts Like.
(Meaning- You will get exactly what you are on the inside. You will create your own reality by your own thoughts. )

In the same way, LoA can be applied to anything and anywhere. You can apply this law to instantly become super magnetic.

So let's create magnetism and let go of all the fears and doubts :

1. Accept your Toxic Traits : 

Nobody wants to live with someone who is dominating, controlling, narcissistic, and toxic. We are always advised to leave those toxic friends or partners who are harming us physically and emotionally which is absolutely correct. 
But have you ever realized that maybe you are being toxic to someone?
How do you describe a toxic person?
Someone who is always criticizing others and situations. Someone who dominates in a relationship.3 Someone who makes others feel vulnerable. Someone who constantly sends mixed signals to others.

This person maybe you. If you want people to be attracted to you then you have to stop being a narc and be kind. 
When you will realize that maybe you are the one who does not let others speak and you are the one who is always demotivating others, then you must change your behavior instantly.

2. Positive Affirmations :

Positive "I AM" Affirmations about who you are and what you want to become should be used.
Positive affirmations hold an immense power to change your vibrations completely. What you speak to yourself, how you feel about yourself, what are you doing to change your existing reality is very important when you are manifesting something.

If you are the one who constantly feels bad about yourself then you will always attract the same kind of person in your life. 
Speak well to yourself so that when you will speak, you will think and then you will attract.
Affirmations are easy to use and can be done before going to bed or in the morning when you wake up.

I just love these affirmations by Mary Kate and this is why I want to share it with you guys.

You will learn a lot about how to use Positive Affirmations from this video and this will surely help you become magnetic and attractive.

3. Show Interest in Others :

The simplest thing we can do is be interested in other people and ask about their likes and dislikes. We, definitely like people who are interested in us, who genuinely want to be a part of our lives. So this is the same thing we have to do. If we want others to come close towards us, first we have to initiate a step towards them. 

Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is bad at communicating.
For instance, you are on a date with someone and are very excited about your first date, but you don't know what to say and how to talk. How embarrassing it would be? isn't it?
And for your partner with whom you went on a date with, what would he/she think?
That they went out with someone who actually made them bored and ultimately wasted their time and energy!

So, level up your communication skills and be interested in others.

4. Let People know that You Like them :

We find it weird to express our feelings to someone, about how we feel about them. Even if a third person asks us to speak about our feelings, we are like, "oh no I don't want to tell them. They might think I am creepy or desperate."

And ofcourse, if you like someone, it is better to confess them about your feelings. Why wait for the right time? 
You never know maybe they like you too! 
If you are just surpassing your emotions you are wasting so much of your time that may have become more beautiful if you would've told them.

And if they don't like you, move on until you find someone who values you.
But say what you feel because people like honest people.

5. Have Confidence :

Self- confidence is having confidence in yourself, your abilities, your strength.
 People who are magnetic and happy all the time are confident enough. They don't chase or run after people. They know that they have all those qualities that are required to be attractive.
They don't waste their time by calling others 100x in a day instead they attract people towards them.
Never think that you don't have the magnetism to attract what you want.
Believe that you have immense confidence to do anything, to attract anything or anyone.


So now that we know how to be highly magnetic we can apply these steps and become irresistible. Practice these skills that are mentioned above and live a happy life.

Also, if you know any other skills that can help us to be magnetic, write down in the comment section.
I would love to hear from you!

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