Look Good And Feel Good: Connecting Body Image with Fitness

Do you often find yourself saying, "My arms are so fat" or "My legs are unattractive" whenever you look in the mirror?

We often say this and criticize ourselves a lot, often without even realizing it.

What if I told you that the things you think about can actually change how you feel? It might sound strange, but let me explain. Science has proven that how we think can affect how we feel. If you always say mean things to yourself, it can make you feel sad. 

But if you think happy thoughts, it can make you feel better.

So if you are telling yourself negative things and wanting to change yourself so that people should start complimenting you, must stop first and start taking positive actions towards your physical health.

Just sitting back, eating junk, making excuses, and resenting the jokes of how people body shame you are not going to take you anywhere. If you really want a change, make the first step now!

Instead of thinking about not being in good shape, what if you went for a walk or danced around? You would be moving your body, making yourself feel good, and having fun in no time!

Isn't that amazing? 

Let's dive into more details now!

The Look Good-Feel Good Connection

I vividly remember when I first started going to a large gym. I was shy, lacked confidence, had poor body posture, and constantly compared myself to other women.

One day, my trainer uttered a single line I'll never forget: "If you look good in the mirror, you'll automatically feel good on the inside!" This simple phrase has become an influential motivator on my fitness journey.

Even when I lack the motivation to work out, I recall his words, and they jumpstart my desire to lift weights.

Think about the days when you just came out of a salon after a fresh haircut. Didn't you feel a surge of confidence on the inside? 

Now, this doesn't mean you push yourself to an extreme extent, even if your body doesn't allow it, just because you want to look good on the inside.

I want to tell you, "Start loving and accepting your body for what it is now." Only then can you start listening to it and making efforts for it.

Many plus-size influencers have a heightened confidence because they love themselves and their bodies. They know they have a larger body than others because of many health complications, yet they don't criticize themselves. Instead, they either work on getting fit (if possible) or show the world their bare skin without any shyness.

look good and feel good

Daily Actions for a Look-Good Feel-Good You

It's not necessary to pursue drastic changes to feel and look good. It's about making small, regular changes to your routine that foster self-care and good habits. 

Here's what you need to look at:

1. Eat Intuitively: Forget about strict diets and pay attention to your body's hunger signals. When you are actually hungry, eat nourishing meals; when you are comfortably full, stop eating. This mindful eating method encourages a positive relationship with food and provides your body with the nourishment it needs.

2. Move Your Body: Stop letting work take all the time from you! Find a hobby that you love and add it to your daily routine. Choose things that bring you joy and well-being, whether it's a tough walk in the park, a calming yoga class, or something else entirely.

3. Seek Inspiration Rather Than Comparison: You can find a lot of motivation for fitness on social media. Follow fitness instructors and influencers who advocate for good practices and body positivity. Give up on comparisons and photoshopped models in favor of individuals who promote all body types and encourage you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

4. Follow The 80/20 Rule: It takes a lot of energy to strive for excellence! There is flexibility allowed by the 80/20 rule. Make an effort to choose well 80 percent of the time. Treat yourself once in a while without feeling guilty. By following this method you can always stay on track.

5. Pick Healthy Habits: The secret is to plan! Keep nutritious snacks like fruit, almonds, or vegetable sticks in your pantry. Having wholesome options on hand helps one resist the urge to grab processed or sugary foods when hunger arises.


Remember that consistency is key! Over time, you'll be well on your way to reaching that "look good, feel good" experience by making these simple, sustainable changes to your daily routine. 

Not self-criticism, but self-care is the key. Progress, not perfection, is what matters! Above all, it's about honoring your distinct path to a more contented and healthy version of yourself!

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