How to Reconnect with Your Inner Child and Own Your Confidence?

Have you ever felt like you needed a best friend to give you a pep talk to get into a meeting? Or that date you've been fantasizing about has suddenly made your confidence crumble like a sandcastle in the flood. If so, you're not alone. It's in our wiring to want approval, especially from the people we care about. 

However, what happens if that need turns into a leash that drags us down from our own joy and inner strength?

Imagine a world without a flashing neon sign controlling your happiness that someone else holds, like a remote control. One where your self-acceptance fuels your confidence like a constant beacon. That's what inner child reawakening is all about.

You must know how to validate your emotions and feelings and not the rest of the world.

We have learned to seek approval from others all our lives, but never did anyone realize its impact on our adulthood and relationships.

If someone becomes very dependent on their partner in a relationship, this is because when they were children, their parents never soothed them. Hence, that young child suppressed their feelings.

Therefore, if you are single or in a relationship, you need to reconnect to your inner child and heal your childhood wounds.

Yes, it can be difficult, but not impossible.

After learning about why is it necessary to go on an inner child journey in the previous post, let's learn about some ways through which we can reconnect to the child inside us.

Let's get started! 

you are never too old to love your inner child

Easy ways to help you reconnect with your inner child

Do you feel a little lost in the adult world? Do you think something is missing from your life?

You never realize, but the happiness, creativity, and a lot of self-love are craving to manifest through how you connect to your inner child.

But how even do you start? Don't worry; we've got you covered with a few simple, approachable ideas for reigniting your passion:

1. Playtime: You are never too old to get yourself to play! Remember when you built pillow forts, got lost in make-believe, or just laughed wildly? The same you have to do now. Bring out your creativity. Try painting, writing, dancing, or dusting out those old toys. Go wild, do new things, and enjoy the bliss of unadulterated enjoyment!

2. Nature's Embrace: Take a stroll in the park, breathe clean air, and feel the sun on your skin. Rekindle your enjoyment of nature's basic joys. Take off your shoes and enjoy the sensation of the grass between your toes, make a puddle fort, or lie down and watch the clouds. Nature has a beautiful way of bringing back the basic pleasures of childhood.

3. Sensory relaxing: Do you recall the scent of freshly made cookies or your favorite childhood blanket? Indulge your senses with sentimental moments. Enjoy a comfortable cuisine, review old photo albums, or listen to your favorite childhood songs. Your inner child may come back to life with the help of these comforting sights, sounds, and scents.

4. Journaling: My favorite way of reconnecting with my little lost child. Get a journal and write down your thoughts, desires, and crazy stories. Let your pen run freely; don't worry about grammar or accuracy. Consider penning a letter of support and understanding to your younger self. For self-discovery and healing, this can be a highly effective tool.

5. Check in: Every day, set aside some time to sit in silence and ask yourself, "What does my inner child need right now?" It may be time for peaceful, creative expression or a good laugh. Pay attention to your inner guidance and provide for yourself, regardless of how minor or absurd it may seem.

Final Thoughts

Remember, it's a process, not the destination. You must never stop. I know some days are so tiring, but before going to sleep, you can have a few seconds of check-in or even try some guided meditation to have that cozy and peaceful sleep for you and the child inside you.

No matter how old you are or if you are a parent or a grandparent, you must never forget that inner child inside of you!

I hope you have some clarity through this blog post regarding connecting with and loving your inner child.

Let me know in the comment section, and share this blog with someone you know who needs it badly.

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