Let's Ditch the Old New Year Resolutions and Make Some Worthy Ones

Everyone gets excited for New Year's Eve and plans it with their friends and loved ones—many even set resolutions and goals they want to achieve in the coming year.

Planning for the New Year also includes setting common goals like hitting the gym and working on your physical health. While it is an excellent way to kickstart off the year and the new month, how many times have you sustained and worked towards your goals consistently?

Many of us fantasize about new goals for a few days until our self-sabotage kicks in, and we return to our old habits.

Isn't it true?

We then post our goals on our stories and let everyone know about them, seeking validation and appreciation for the goals set.

But instead of achieving those goals and making a strategy for getting close to our goals, we talk about them more often.

What's the point of only speaking and not taking inspired action?

new year resolutions 2024

Social Media: The New Enemy of Our Happiness

Remember how, decades back, the internet was a game changer for everyone? How did they think they could start a new revolution and now look at the current trends of Gen Z? 

Today, the internet is filled with many apps meant to bring us closer to people but end up making our lives complicated and empty.

We always have our phones in our hands, yet we have the excuse of saying to someone that "we were busy." 

For instance, do you recall the time when your parents were able to find the ideal partner for you? Even though you wouldn't exactly fall in love at first, life was secure and good, and family was always there to support you. It sounds charming. Today, however, it's like traversing a maze of dating apps to find true love.

Everyone is glued to their phones and acts desperate to meet their ideal or even friends instead of going out and meeting new people.

It's a constant dopamine rush as you scan through people's "perfect" trips, hiding the underlying challenges behind them. We become mired in the comparison trap, and our desire wanes like a lost tale amidst a barrage of news. 

But enough is enough now! Today is the day you set realistic, life-changing resolutions that can make you strong, happy, powerful, and content.

So, let's dive into them now!

5 Goals You Need To Set For Yourself

1. Keep your phones inside and look outside: Reconnect with nature's symphony by cutting off the cacophony of digital devices. Change the notifications on your screen to the sun shining on your skin and the sound of rustling leaves. Allow the emptiness of the sky to replace the carefully crafted feeds and draw inspiration from the flaws in reality.

2. Reflect on yourself: Silent the external noise and go inside to fill the deep void you try to avoid by distractions like food, cigarettes, and hookups. Instead, pick a journal, a habit, meditate, or go outside—whatever you feel is the best for you. Rediscovering your authentic self and being true to yourself will make you happy with yourself.

3. Be with those who actually love you: You don't need to have a lot of friends or followers on Instagram. Instead, exchange the transient validation of online conversations for the embrace of loved ones. Make spending time with people who see you a priority. These people should also celebrate your successes and support you when you fall. In a world that is always changing, their love serves as a ray of stability.

4. Be grateful: Turn your focus from the lacking things to the abundance around you. The food that nourishes your body, the sunlight that brightens your day, and the breath that fills your lungs are all gifts, not rights. Develop an attitude of thankfulness, and you'll see happiness and contentment all around you. Remember what's meant for you will come at the right time.

5. End the comparisons: Stop being the girl you saw at your gym and instead focus on being you. Stop applying a thousand layers of makeup just because someone else applies before stepping out and owning that confidence. Their reels are not meant for you to envy your own life. Be unique, be confident, be you! 

Ending Note

If this year was hard for you, but you still have hope and did not give up on your dreams, know that you made yourself proud. Stop seeking validation from others and asking them what you need to do in life. Everyone's opinion is different. It is your life; go inside and ask yourself, you will definitely get the answer one way or the other.

Also, if you are alone and not bored, congrats, you just achieved a state of solitude!

Happy New Year to everyone! 

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