5 Steps to Unlearn The Emotional Negative Beliefs You Have About Yourself

Many often ask me why I read so many self-development books or write this blog when I do not earn a single penny.

I started writing this blog in 2020, when we were stuck in lockdown, because of my interest in self-discovery. Sometimes, I, too, wonder why I cannot see a drastic change in my behavior and attitude, as it has been almost four years on my self-discovery journey.

But, as they say, change never happens overnight. You slowly shift from negative beliefs to a positive belief system. There is often a gradual change. You outgrow toxic friends, ideas, thoughts, and habits and start automatically developing positive habits, spending alone time, and recognizing the value of true friends and relationships. Most importantly, you create a new and solid connection with yourself and the higher power.

But how's that possible?

Everybody has those bothersome inner critics who mumble doubts and negativity. We inherit all of these due to environmental patterns and conditioning. Do you know? Those voices are beliefs rather than facts, and you can unlearn them!

Let's dive in to know how!

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5 Steps to unlearn negative beliefs

Many of us carry the weight of inherited beliefs and childhood conditioning. But we cannot blame the past, cry over it, and be victims. Being present is the key to power. All we can do is take action in our current moment to live a beautiful and fearless life in the future.

Step 1: Self-awareness is the key:

Start by developing an acute awareness of yourself. Be mindful of your feelings and thoughts, particularly when faced with difficult circumstances. Stop and recognize it when that familiar negativity starts to sneak in. The first step towards change is awareness.

Step 2: Challenge your inner critic:

Once you've identified those undesirable thoughts, confront them. Consider this: Are these opinions predicated on assumptions or facts? Our inner critic tends to exaggerate and misrepresent the world. Take the help of your accomplishments and positive affirmations to counteract.

Step 3: Rewrite your story:

Make a deliberate change to your self-story. Consider your accomplishments and qualities rather than obsessing over your alleged shortcomings or deficiencies. Honor your achievements, no matter how tiny, and utilize them to create a new narrative about yourself.

Step 4: Be in a positive environment:

Consider your relationships and surroundings. Make sure that others are encouraging and supporting you. Seek support and tell friends and family about your journey. Reduce contact with people or circumstances supporting unfavorable ideas to create an atmosphere that encourages personal development.

Step 5: Make self-compassion a habit:

Accept self-compassion as a valuable weapon that can help you throughout your life. Show yourself the same compassion and consideration you would extend to a friend who is going through a difficult time. Recognize that mistakes are a part of life for everyone and do not define who you are. Grow, learn, and have self-forgiveness.

Conclusion: Becoming a better version of yourself

You must always remember that progress is made up of little steps and is a continuous journey.You are changing your perception of yourself through cultivating self-awareness, confronting your inner critic, rewriting your story, surrounding yourself with positive people, and engaging in self-compassion exercises.

Be patient and kind to yourself while you proceed on your transformation journey. Accept the good energy around you, give thanks for your accomplishments, and recognize the work you're doing for your development. Your strength and resiliency on this path to a better, more powerful version of yourself define you, not your past. Continue to advance with self-love and confidence!

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  1. I have gone through few of your blogs and admire the way you articulate each topic. Those clear explanations make them impactful and more achievable. Great job.

    1. Thankyou so much. Please connect me in DM. I really appreciate your kind words.