Why You Must Stop Asking People To Make You Happy?

Does your mood often depend on how other people behave? You usually adjust your emotional frequency in response to someone's behavior, regardless of who they are.

If this is you and you do not know how to regain the remote control of your happiness that you have given others, then this blog post is for you.

Considering I am also like this and working on letting others stop affecting me, I thought of why not write a blog post. You never know who is struggling with what!

So let's get started!

Be happy on your own

The Constant Need For Begging Others To Make You Happy

Happiness is a universal desire. We always want to experience happiness. But when you ask someone when was the last time they were happy? You will often see them wondering here and there, or they will tell a moment when something important happened in their lives, like a day when their daughter got married or when they stood first in their class.

But these are just a few examples of essential days when you were happy.

Being happy is an inside job. It is vital for all of us to be happy or at least think good thoughts that do not take a turmoil on our mental and emotional health.

When we start looking for happiness in others, we are putting ourselves at risk of getting hurt or even betrayed by anyone who does not fulfill our expectations.

Why You Should Give Up Asking Others to Make You Happy

1. It's unfair to them:

When we ask them to, we put much pressure on others to make us happy. We're stating that they're in charge of our happiness and that they're failing us if they don't make us happy. This is unjust to them because it places them in a situation where they can never be pleased with themselves. They will never be able to truly enjoy their own lives if all they are concerned with is making us happy.

2. It is just not good for you:

We set ourselves up for disappointment when we depend on others to make us happy. People will inevitably disappoint us at some time in our lives. And we'll be upset and hurt when they do. A vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and resentment may result from this. We may even ignore them as we hold them responsible for our misery. This will lead to losing our most precious connections, which once meant a lot to us. 

3. It is not sustainable:

We cannot allow someone else to bring us constant happiness. Each of us is a unique person with unique requirements and preferences. Occasionally, even our closest loved ones are unable to meet our demands. We will eventually come to regret continuously seeking happiness from other people. And we'll never be content with our joy.

Therefore, you must find happiness within yourself without asking or begging others to make you happy. Stop putting them on a pedestal and find ways to be content yourself.

How to be happy on your own?

1. Make yourself a priority

How do you feel happy? To feel content in life, what do you need? Once you are aware of your needs, make an effort to meet them for yourself.

2. Look after yourself

This includes eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising frequently, and getting enough sleep. It also entails setting aside time for enjoyable activities.

3. Be grateful

Things and the resources that you have may not be accessible to millions of people around the world. So show some gratitude towards them while setting goals for your future.

4. Surround yourself with good people

Having friends, even if they are toxic or mistreat you, is useless. You will feel more depleted, both physically and energetically, with them. Either stay alone and be picky, or choose only those who radiate positive vibes toward you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that situations and states of mind have no connection, you must understand that nobody else can be responsible for your happiness except you. Of course, if our loved ones see us in a bad mood, they might make us feel better by doing something nice.

But they are not responsible for doing this every time. So start being happy on your own to attract more such experiences. 

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