26 lessons I learned in 26 years

I turned 26 a little less than a month ago.

Like everyone else, I too get excited for my birthday every year (except the excitement decreases yearly because of that aging factor).

Each year since COVID-19, I have become more aware and cautious of the things and events happening in my life. I always try to relate one thing to another because of my belief in LoA.

This is why I am writing this blog post so that you can connect with it and learn something from it.

Lets dive in...

26 things i learned in 26 years

1. People play their role and leave: Everyone enters our life with a purpose, teaching us lessons and contributing to our growth before our journey naturally transitions. So, don't cry over who left because they played their role, and now you must move on to the next chapter of your life.

2. Things had to fall apart for the beautiful things to manifest: Sometimes, life's disruptions clear space for new opportunities and growth, allowing beauty to emerge from the ashes of what once was. You can only grow if you face challenges.

3. You cannot control everything: Embracing the uncertainty of life grants freedom from the burden of control, enabling a deeper connection with the present moment. Sometimes, surrendering to God is one of the best things we can do.

4. You are the creator of your emotions: Empowerment arises from realizing that your emotional responses are shaped by your interpretations, granting you the ability to choose how you feel. Stop being the victim always.

5. Self-love is the key to attract everything: Cultivating a foundation of self-love radiates positive energy, drawing in experiences and relationships that resonate with your sense of worth. Choose yourself over people.

6. You mature with experiences, not with age: Wisdom is forged through life's challenges and lessons, independent of chronological age, as each experience contributes to personal growth.

7. Your age has nothing to do with your dreams: Dreams are boundless and not constrained by age; their pursuit remains open and achievable throughout various stages of life.

8. People will treat you the way you allow them: Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries guides others in how to treat you, shaping the dynamics of your relationships. Stop settling for less than what you deserve.

9. Spirituality will make your life easier: Nurturing a spiritual connection brings solace, clarity, and perspective that can alleviate the burdens of life's complexities.

10. You are a soul, not a body: Beyond the physical form, your essence as a soul transcends the body's boundaries, carrying your unique energy and purpose through existence. See yourself and others through the eyes of God.

11. There is no shame in returning to therapy: Seeking professional help when needed is a sign of strength, offering the opportunity to continue your journey of self-discovery and growth without judgment. Your mental health should be your top priority.

12. You can be happy alone: Embracing solitude and finding joy within yourself empowers you to build a strong foundation of happiness independent of external circumstances. If you have nobody but you, you have everything.

13. Go on solo dates to explore yourself: Engaging in self-dates fosters self-awareness, allowing you to delve into your passions and desires, ultimately nurturing a deeper connection with your own identity. So find the courage and go out. Trust me, it is one of the best things I did for myself.

14. You don't have to change anything outside; go inside first: Transformation begins within; by addressing your thoughts and beliefs, you can create profound shifts that ripple outwardly, impacting your external reality.

15. It's okay to have flaws: Embracing your imperfections with compassion brings authenticity and a sense of liberation, fostering growth and acceptance within your journey.

16. Lessons are repeated until learned: Sometimes, you must heal from the same thing multiple times. Healing is a nonlinear process, and revisiting past wounds is part of deepening your understanding and achieving a complete sense of emotional freedom.

17. Expect nothing in return for what you do for others: Giving without expectations nurtures genuine connections and fosters a sense of fulfillment that transcends material gain, enriching your relationships and personal well-being.

18. Gratitude can change your life: Embracing gratitude as a daily practice shifts your perspective, amplifying positivity and opening doors to a more joyful and abundant existence.

19. Maintain great relationships with your aging parents: Nurturing meaningful connections with your parents as they age enhances the understanding, love, and mutual exchange of wisdom, creating a solid foundation for familial bonds.

20. Learn when to Disconnect: Recognizing the need for digital detoxes fosters mental clarity, reduces stress, and encourages a balanced relationship with technology in an increasingly connected world.

21. Respond, don't react always: Cultivating a mindful pause before responding empowers you to choose thoughtful actions over impulsive reactions, promoting healthier interactions and emotional self-regulation.

22. Never compromise your health: Prioritizing your well-being fosters a strong foundation for a fulfilling life, enabling you to pursue your aspirations with vigor and enjoy the beauty of each moment. Invest time in your health more than any area of your life.

23. Always take a stand for yourself: Advocating for your needs and boundaries empowers you to command respect and create relationships built on mutual understanding, enhancing your self-esteem and overall happiness.

24. Your faith in God will give you more than what you ask: Cultivating a deep sense of confidence can bring unexpected blessings, guiding you through challenges and offering a sense of purpose that transcends mere desires. 

25. Never ignore your intuition: Trusting your inner wisdom grants clarity in decision-making, helping you navigate life's complexities with a heightened sense of authenticity and alignment with your true path. It is your higher self guiding you toward the right direction.

26. Be kind, the world needs more of you: Acts of kindness ripple positively, spreading warmth and compassion, and in a world often lacking gentleness, your kindness can be a beacon of light that uplifts both yourself and others.


We learn lessons in life through experiences, difficulties, and reflective times. I hope these life lessons will guide you through your journey of life. If you have something to share, feel free to comment below.

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