7 Signs To Look For If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

Do you feel like you think deeper than most people do?

Do you often get obsessed if a person talks rudely to you when you have done nothing wrong?

In that case, you may be a highly sensitive person, or HSP, if you believe you experience emotions more strongly than the average person. However, being an HSP also means being more sensitive to different stimuli and not simply having strong emotional feelings.

There is no denying that some people are more sensitive than others. They are perceptive to physical stimuli like energy, music, light, and other kinds of physical input in addition to emotions. 

Individuals with highly sensitive brains function differently from those with less sensitive brains. As a result, they pay more attention to details in their environment, analyze information more thoroughly, and think about it more. This deeper processing makes them more susceptible to overstimulation by their surroundings.

Here are some characteristics of extremely sensitive people, warning signals you might be one, and coping mechanisms.

are you highly sensitive person?

Signs to look for if you are also HSP

1. You feel emotions deeply: You may have noticed that you have strong emotions—both positive and negative—and that you feel them more intensely than the average individual. These can make you cry easily, like watching a heartbreaking scene or listening to a sad song.

2. You get easily influenced by strong sensory input: You may be hyper-aware of physical sensations, which can make you more sensitive to loud noises, unpleasant textures, or bright lights. This could make you feel overstimulated and uneasy in environments that are crowded, loud, or bright. Additionally, if you're hyper-aware of textures, you might want to limit your wardrobe to soft, cozy items.

3. You think deeply: HSPs are considered high processors because they not only take in more information than the majority of people but also give it careful attention. Because of this, you could take longer to make judgments or prefer to do each work methodically rather than multitasking.

4. You feel overwhelmed with criticism: Criticism comes off as more hurtful and painfully personal than beneficial. Because you are unable to let criticism go the way others can, you allow it to keep you in your comfort zone. Highly Sensitive People frequently dwell on and obsess over the smallest comment or perceived criticism for hours, days, and maybe even weeks.

5. You occasionally feel alone and different from others: You've always been aware that you are unique from everyone else, or someone has made this fact clear to you. Perhaps because others have told you that you need to "toughen up," you view your sensitivity as a weakness and frequently feel alone. This usually always occurs over the lifetime of highly sensitive males.

6. Your intuition is strong: When you enter a room, you immediately receive a sense of it. You are aware of how others are experiencing. When the energy is positive, this is fine, but when it's bad, things can get challenging. As a result, you steer clear of crowded venues and big gatherings.

7. You often get tired: An extremely sensitive individual may easily become overwhelmed. As you constantly deal with not your own emotions but also the feelings and energies of other people around you. This can make you feel tired and sleepy.

How to cope with being HSP?

Being overly sensitive can sometimes be very challenging since emotions can easily take control and some situations can be incredibly overstimulating. Here are some ways to deal with it:

  • Practice meditation
  • Try journaling everything you went through
  • Take out time for positive self-talk
  • Know that you are not the only person with HSP
  • Avoid negative people, places, and, situations
  • Do not think about others and focus on improving yourself

Final Thoughts

It is completely okay if you feel some things more than others. But just don't let them overpower you, and do not give away your power of peace and happiness to others.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally for who you are. 

If you want to start your own self-love journey, then this guide can surely help you.

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