7 Easy Ways To Make Time For Yourself In Your Busy Schedule

If you're not taking care of yourself, you can't be the best version of yourself. 

When you are exhausted and drained from the inside, you cannot provide the best possible care to others, and you'll eventually run out of energy and resources. It's essential to allow yourself time to recharge and rejuvenate so you can be your best self.

There are times when you want to do something for yourself, but because of your work, studies, or family responsibilities, you're unable to do anything. This can make you angry because you feel like you're not able to take care of yourself.

Even if you don't think you're worth the time and effort to prioritize yourself occasionally, do it for the people you care about in your life. 

No matter how you choose to take time for yourself, it’s important to start small and gradually increase the amount of time you spend alone. If you’re spending time alone to relax, you don’t need to feel guilty about it. 

Taking time for yourself is essential for maintaining sanity and balance in your life. There are many ways to achieve this without disrupting the rest of the world, and we’ll explore a few here. 

1. Get away from distractions- You often complain about not having enough time for yourself but when you get the time you spend it mindlessly scrolling Instagram reels. To make time for yourself, break free from distractions. Step away from your phone and computer and focus on things that are important to you. Social media can have its benefits, but overuse can lead to boredom and a sense of detachment. Finding ways to make time for yourself begins by focusing on tasks that are important to you and limiting distractions.

2. Protect your time- Don’t waste your time. Avoid things that are not important in your life. You are allowed to refuse to do things that you are not willing to do in your limited time. While it's crucial to compromise in your relationships, it's equally essential to avoid always saying "yes." If you find it difficult to say no to requests from others, start by saying no to smaller tasks. For example, you could refuse to immediately answer a phone call when you're in the middle of taking a shower.

3. Shop online- Online shopping is a good way to save time and money when shopping for birthday presents, food, and household goods. You can usually find the same brands and products you would find in a physical store, and sometimes you can even find better deals. Well-known companies or those with an address and phone number are usually the safest bets, but you can also try independent stores if you want more personalized shopping. This would save you a lot of time that you can use on reading an e-book like It All Starts With You.

4. Set boundaries at work- Make sure you have clear boundaries at work so that you can both be comfortable and productive. Boundaries between employers and employees are usually set, and both should adhere to them. For instance, an employee should leave work on time, instead of staying late most days. This will help the employee achieve a healthy work-life balance and get some much-needed time alone.

5. Have lunch alone- Taking a lunch break by yourself can be a great way to get to know your coworkers and feel part of the company culture. But sometimes you may need more alone time than social time. Don't feel guilty about having lunch alone from time to time. Find a quiet spot in your office so you can take a break with a packed lunch. Alternatively, go to a quiet cafe or restaurant nearby to take a break. If you live close to your place of work, you could choose to head home instead of continuing to work.

6. Enjoy every minute of the day- Make time for yourself each day by doing something you enjoy that brings you value and joy. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can find five minutes to do something you enjoy. Spend your time listening to music, writing poetry, walking outdoors, or practicing meditation.

7. Workout- Making time for exercise can be difficult for busy people, but it's important to do so. One step towards becoming more active is starting with just one. You can increase your walking time by doing it in different ways each day. You can use the time to think and daydream on some days, listen to motivational audio on others, and listen to your favorite music on still other days. If you usually listen to music while exercising, try going without any music for a change. This will allow your mind to wander and explore new ideas.


No matter how chaotic your life is, taking time for yourself is not that difficult. Try these suggestions and let me know if they helped you improve your life.

Also, if you have other suggestions, please pin them down in the comment section.

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