Easy Ways to Protect Your Energy from an Unwanted Disturbance in Life

We all understand the value of a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, and balance between work and leisure. The reason all that is so crucial is something we don't often discuss, but it all comes down to safeguarding your mental energy. 

No matter how rich you are or how many resources you have, if you do not have mental peace within yourself, you have nothing.

Be it your ideal job or the best friend you always wanted, if having both is causing you more stress than anything then there is no point in having them in your life.

According to research, every one of us has a limited supply of mental energy. Every time we focus and make decisions, we significantly drain our daily mental capabilities, making it more difficult to maintain self-control later. It can be challenging to focus more effort on what is truly vital if you waste time and energy on decisions and chores that aren't as crucial.

Cutting out the clutter can help you maintain your attention on what really counts. Thus, it is important to maintain your energy for other tasks in your life. 

Let's find out how you can protect your energy from unwanted disturbances in your life.

Tips you must follow to protect your energy

1. Trust your instincts- Are you dealing with someone or something that feels unhealthy? By following your intuition, you can safeguard your energy. By observing how you feel after dealing with someone or anything, you can determine if they are bad for you. There is a reason why they make you feel worn out, distracted, or even a little overwhelmed. Pay attention and restrict your contact with anything or anyone that makes you feel odd.

2. Beware of distractions- It is practically difficult to accomplish anything with all the noise. Additionally, it can take upwards of 20 minutes to pick up steam after checking your notifications. Our brain energy is severely depleted by distractions, but this doesn't have to be the case. You must close any open windows, tabs, or apps that aren't necessary for the current task. Also, put your phone on "do not disturb" mode, so that you do not get distracted and waste your energy.

3. Understand that it is about them, not you- It can be easy to believe that anything is about you when someone is sad, angry, or just in a bad mood. Do not personalize it. You can never know what someone else is feeling, thinking, or going through right then. Keep in mind that someone else's behavior and words do not reflect you; rather, they reflect the person in question.

4. Define clear boundaries- Protecting oneself requires effort. If you stop being always available to your friends and family, they might even become angry with you. But that's okay! Your mental peace matters most right now! You must tell your friends and colleagues about the things that you don't like. Also, set limits on how much time and energy you can spend on certain activities and abide by them.

5. Don't strive for perfection- Although it's common to desire perfection, this isn't possible. Trying to be perfect all the time eventually saps a lot of energy. Perfectionism makes it difficult to complete tasks, especially if you feel obligated to complete everything yourself or to verify your work repeatedly. Extreme perfectionism may also be detrimental to your mental health, increasing your risk for depression, burnout, and work discontent. So, instead of striving to be perfect, learn the lessons and not repeat the same mistakes.

6. Make time for self-care: No matter how busy you are, you must take some time out of your day for yourself. This is important because doing things for yourself can help you regain your lost energy and make you more energetic and proud of yourself. You can indulge in any activity, be it dancing, walking, going to the gym, listening to songs, practicing guided meditation, or even sitting in silence. Do whatever you want. But you must make time for self-care.


Because it is the deciding factor in how happy you will ultimately be, protecting your energy is essential for both your mental and physical well-being. At work, with friends, and with our loved ones, we give a lot of ourselves away every day. 

Protect your energy and give a gift to yourself because you deserve to be happy! 
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