Why letting go of control can help you enjoy your life?

Don't we all want things to go our way? It is our right to be happy and content in all areas of our lives.

While we try to fix everything, be it jobs, relationships, or wealth, we forget to enjoy the little moments of life. We believe that we have to put more effort into getting the results we want. But sometimes, leaving things in God's hands can be fruitful.

Controlling every aspect of life can be draining and exhausting and can bring negative emotions, which can lead to dissatisfaction. When you realize you have no control over external events, you can redirect your efforts elsewhere. You can concentrate on the only thing over which you have control: your responses, mindset, attitude, and outlook. 

Furthermore, your confidence and focus can be increased, which can lead to a greater sense of strength and contentment.

Why do we feel the urge to control things?

There are times when some things will work out as we planned, and there will be times when things will not go our way. For example, suppose you recently resigned from your previous job and are now looking for new opportunities. There are times when you feel hopeful that this could be your career-advancing job, but you never hear back from them. In that case, you may feel disheartened, frustrated, and even resentful of your life.

No doubt, you want to take the matter into your own hands and take inspired action by applying for jobs to become financially independent. But seeing no results can make you feel anxious and demoralize your self-esteem.

Disadvantages of controlling everything

The process of controlling everything, such as applying for jobs for days or even months, can hamper your daily dose of joy in the following ways:

  • More stress and anxiety- Those who want things to go their way may feel more stress and anxiety until they get the results they desire. Yes, it can be devastating to see no results but even holding to them will give you nothing.

  • Dissatisfaction- Feeling the need for control and not having it can lead to dissatisfaction. For instance, I've been applying for employment for two weeks, but I've been frustrated with the lack of results, so I finally decided to let God handle the situation.

    • More criticism and complaint- It is obvious that if we focus on the things that we don't have we tend to complain and criticize everything, be it ourselves, outside circumstances, or even our life. We blame external events for our frustration and may feel unworthy or dissatisfied.

      How do we let go of control and focus on our happiness instead?

      So the point is, what exactly should we do if not take matters into our own hands? Let's find out:

      1. Live in the present- Focus on the blessings you already have. If you are looking for love or a new relationship, stop chasing it. Live in the present moment by focusing on loving the relationships you already have, especially yourself. If you are hunting for a new home, enjoy the process of hunting by exploring different locations and choosing the best among them.

      2. Health is everything- I know how it feels when things don't go your way but imagine losing your health. Can you let it happen? Of course not! Your health, both physical and mental, should be your top priority. You cannot harm it by wishing for a more luxurious life. You must understand that health is the first and most important priority.

      3. Stop comparing your life- Seeing other people partying and having fun can make you feel like a failure who is broke or not worthy. In that case, self-love is the top-tier thing to practice. You must know that having a social life cannot give you permanent happiness, but taking care of your own self can. Focus on doing the things you truly desire. Focus only on your SELF!

      4. Journaling- Your stress levels may feel much better after writing down your emotions. You might be able to think about things more deeply when you journal than if you just think about them. Writing in a notebook can help you process various outcomes and provide you with an outlet for your sentiments without allowing them to intensify and grow if you need to be in control.

      5. Get support- Burdening your mind with every emotion can be exhausting and tiring. Look for at least one loved one with whom you can share your feelings. In this way, you can lighten your heart and get a fresh perspective on things that are weighing you down.

      6. Rejection is redirection- This is what I say to myself when I put in all my efforts and get no results. I feel God is making me wait for more, as he has much bigger and better plans than I have. Sometimes, letting things be and trusting the universe is all we can do.

      Final words

      It's natural to want to be in charge of everything in your life. The problem is that if you don't learn to let go, you might find yourself overwhelmed by fear, anger, and other negative emotions. You might find it difficult to manage all of your commitments and controlling behavior. When you catch yourself worrying about the same things that are out of your control repeatedly, keep these ideas in mind.

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