How To Let Go Of Someone You Love So Much? Effective Steps To Follow

Moving on is the toughest decision we ever make in our lives. All the flashbacks, memories, late-night calls, and cute conversations hit us hard in the faces and keep replaying in our heads.

But endless fights, disrespectful and mean comments, physical or mental abuse, and feeling miserable, lonely, and unhappy are the TOP SIGNS you must let go of someone you love.

I know how hard it is to suddenly stop talking to someone who you thought was your best friend for life. 

In this post, I will give you some effective steps to follow that will improve your healing journey and help to soothe your wounds. 

Before starting, let me tell you, I too have been through this phase in my life, and it wasn't easy at all. I used to cry almost every day. My chest felt heavy, and my heart was in pain throughout that time. But I followed some steps, took one day at a time, and gradually learned to be emotionally independent.

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how to let go of someone you love?

Easy Steps That Will Help You Let Go Of Someone You Love And Fall In Love With Yourself

1. Accept the situation- Walking away from a relationship where you've done your best to resolve issues and rekindle the lost connection can be excruciatingly painful. It can be difficult to live your life and move forward because you will always be thinking about them. You may struggle with your thoughts and wonder, "What happened and where did the love go?" But know that you will make it through it.

2. Try, Try and Stop- Well, by this I mean, of course, you have tried all resorts to bring back the love you guys had between each other. But even after doing that, you got nothing but more hurt. Please stop for your own sake. Put yourself first and stop putting more effort into it. Yes, one person can make things work, but only to some extent. You cannot pour from an empty cup and you cannot tolerate abuse from the other person just to make things work.

3. Stop Contact- Thinking of needing closure? Well, chances are you are not going to get the same. Because for them, you are wrong and not them. For them, you are irritating, you are messy, and they are perfect. They aren't going to explain why they hurt you and ask for forgiveness because they did nothing wrong. So, once you have decided to move on, do not look back. Delete their contact. Stop stalking them on social media and avoid places where you might see them.

4. Make time for yourself- The best thing I did in my healing journey was to realize my importance. I started appreciating and valuing what my body does for me 24x7. My relationship with myself improved through meditations, mirror work, journaling, and praying. I had more time to spend, so I chose to use that time to rebuild myself and grow as a better person. Try doing things that you have always wanted to do but have neglected because of someone else.

5. Power of being positive- I know you want to put one last effort, do one last manifestation technique to solve your issues with them. But tell me, when doing this, are you happy? Do you ever think about yourself? While trying to put in one last effort, you are wasting your precious time. This beautiful life is a god-given gift to you, and you are depressed because of someone else. Why give someone else the power to make you happy? You will get what you deserve! So, pull yourself up, cut off toxicity from your life, and be positive. 

6. Let go of anger and forgive yourself- Feeling angry and disappointed at them is natural. But know that holding on to these negative feelings will only give you more pain. On the other hand, being guilty will never let you be happy. So, instead of blaming anyone else or even yourself, show compassion towards yourself. Listen to spiritual stuff and do lots of self-care. Because you deserve that! You are worthy of love. Give yourself love, space, time, and care.

Final Word

It's difficult to move on after letting go of someone who doesn't love you back.
You still love them, but you know you have to let them go because they are causing you pain. No matter how difficult it might seem, know that you can do it. You are the child of God and God never gives up.

If you need more help regarding self-love and breakups, I am here for you1 Stay strong and be happy! 

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