How To Find Solitude When Alone and Live Your Best Life?

Do you hate spending time alone? Do you get frustrated when suddenly your plans to go out get canceled?

I am sure most of you probably answered yes to the above questions. Because why not? A man is a social animal, and he always wants to be surrounded by a group of people to chill with and have fun.

However, if there is a time when you have no other option but to sit by yourself without your friends and family, what makes you so desperate to go out? 

Why do you hate spending time alone?

Of course, we need to maintain a balance between spending alone time with ourselves and spending time socializing. 

I myself get desperate some days because I so want to go out, but having no social circle makes me sad and angry. 

There are days when I want to be alone and spend time with myself, and there are other days when I feel lonely in my own company. 

If you didn't want to be alone but ended up feeling lonely and now this thing is scaring you off, then relax and read this entire blog post.

Here in this blog post, I want to put a light on some of the benefits of being alone and not getting disturbed:

Loving yourself is the first step towards amazing life

1. Figure out the things that gives you happiness- It may take some time for you to figure out what drives your happiness. For instance, when I have no option but to sit at home doing nothing, I spend my time carving out ideas for my next blog post or for my Instagram account. Other times, I like to chill with my TV or listen to songs while looking up at the sky. Hence, it is important to give yourself some time and write out the things that bring utter happiness into your life.

2. Get up & stretch- Sometimes when we lie down and get lost in our own world of thoughts, we unknowingly hurt ourselves by reminiscing and thinking about past memories. So it is important to do something that will improve our overall well-being, and what's better than exercising? Hit the gym or start with only stretching to stop feeling lonely.

3. Read self-help blogposts/books- At times when we feel lonely, we often like to listen to sad songs to soothe ourselves. But this is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Imagine peeling off a wound all day and then expecting it to heal. Will it heal without a proper bandaid and time? No! The same is the case with us. Try reading books like It All Starts With You and take a step closer to changing your life.

4. 5 minutes for self- Feeling worse than ever before? Sit with yourself for five minutes and turn off all gadgets. Listen to your breath and heart as it beats for you. Your body is working for you 24x7. It never gives up. So why do you want to give up and for whom? Just because you are not socializing like others? Be grateful that you have a life and that you are safe and protected. 

5. Do something valuable- Mindless consumption of social media can sink your mood. Unnecessary self-burying in negative news will not take you anywhere but may give you anxiety. Instead, if you have some free time to spend, why not use it to create something valuable? Start a blog about a subject that interests you; go to the park and paint a landscape to hang on your wall; or learn a new language, like German or Spanish. Other options include writing a novel or self-help book and self-publishing it on Amazon.


Why not fill your own cup first, so you can give it to others? Maybe they need your cup more than you need theirs.

So the next time you are ditched by your friends in socializing, lift yourself up and do something for yourself because you own this life. It is your responsibility to make it fulfilling and joyful.

Hope you liked reading this post!

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  1. Nice one... keep it up. Although I know all this but somehow I started sluking my loneliness now a days but after reading your blog I am laughing at myself. your blog reminded me what I am and what I can be.... thanks a ton :)