How to create a healthy and loving relationship with yourself?

Your relationship with yourself is the most valuable relationship you will ever have in your life. The reason I always talk about self-love and self-relationship is that I have seen immense changes and growth within myself as soon as I befriended myself.

The way one feels about themselves is essential to healthy development. It's about loving yourself well for who you are. In my e-book, It All Starts With You, I have given you a whole picture of the self-love journey and how to start one. If you have some time for yourself, do check it out!

Many of us simply don't allow ourselves to accept and love ourselves, so how can we expect to be in a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves or others?

Well, to curate a self-sufficient connection with who you truly are, you must first start with self-love. It starts with finding beauty within yourself and accepting yourself for who you are.

What is self-acceptance?

When you do not change yourself for anyone else, be it peer pressure, your spouse, or, anyone else, that is called self-acceptance. 

The feeling of not liking your height, weight, body, and reality does not allow you to make a good connection with yourself. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we must follow someone else's rules or fit into a specific box in order to find the right job, partner, or whatever it is that we seek. But remember that we are all unique and must all accept and fully embrace our individuality.

You must understand that nobody will like you or respect you if you do not like or love yourself. 

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How can you have a good relationship with yourself?

Your relationship with yourself determines EVERYTHING. By everything, I mean your relationships, career, life experiences, money, etc. 
Now you may be thinking, why do you have to create a unique bond with yourself when you are already in a relationship or maybe looking for someone who will love you the most.

However, these desires will not come to you if you have no love for yourself. To attract love, you must first fill yourself with self-love. To attract money, you must first think positively that you can receive money from anywhere.

These are not theoretical points but practical realities. To experience that, follow these simple and easy ways to build a strong foundation of love within yourself.

  • Self-compassion- Do you criticize yourself after you eat a whole bucket of popcorn while reminiscing about your fitness goals? If yes, then you shouldn't. You must know that it's okay if someday you can't follow your diet goals. This doesn't entail "letting yourself off the hook" or abdicating responsibility, but it does entail making an effort to evaluate yourself without unfavorable criticism or blame. Start showing compassion towards yourself while doing everything you must do.

  • Limit negative media- Have you ever heard of disconnect to reconnect? This means using the airplane mode of your phone effectively. Think for a moment about what you consume throughout your day because that influences peace and happiness. Stop yourself from unawarely scrolling through your feed, especially the first thing in the morning.

  • Surround with nature- Go for a walk, sit on a bench in a park, close your eyes and just listen to the chirping of the birds. Think about how powerful you are and how grateful you are for your life. Let the rays of the sun touch your skin and feel the warmth of it on your face. Do it every day you can to reconnect with nature in order to reconnect with yourself.

  • Practice mirror work- Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying powerful words to yourself does wonders for everyone. Every day when you stand in front of the mirror to get ready, just say how proud you are of yourself for dealing with every detour, every roadblock that came your way. When you make it a habit to look in the mirror and affirm love, you heal a part of yourself! 

  • Think what you think- Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what you were thinking? It's unlikely that your brain will be able to explain itself. It's because when we live in the present moment, we no longer think about the past or future. But on the other hand, when we are unconscious of our thinking pattern, we go somewhere else in our minds, which puts us under stress or anxiety. Start paying attention to your thoughts if you want to save yourself from unwanted mood swings.


Everything we do in our lives is determined by the kind of relationship we have within ourselves. If you are experiencing frustration, irritability, and sadness in life, think about how you feel about yourself. 
To change the outside, first commit to changing the inside, because the internal state and environment reflects the external experiences.

Do let me know what you learned from this blog post? 
Check out my e-book, It All Starts With You, and let me know what you think! 

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