10 daily reminders that will help you live a better life

With the daily turmoil we face, whether it is at work or in our family, it becomes hard to live a fulfilling and peaceful life.

Our hearts desire to have someone who constantly motivates us and boosts our self-esteem. While it's wonderful to have someone in your life who lifts your spirits, you must also recognize that you cannot rely on them every time you feel down.

Because everyone is fighting their own internal issues, it's unlikely that you'll have the support of others every time you're stuck in a situation or facing a life problem.

Some days, all you need is YOU to get through the day or the problem that you are currently facing. 

Hence, we must constantly remind ourselves that we can get through anything if we believe in ourselves. This is why I decided to share with you all 10 positive reminders that will help you get through any day, no matter how difficult it is.

So before you give your hands up, remember to read this blog post and take every message that resonates with you.

10 daily reminders to live a better life

1. It's okay if all you did today was breathe- Sometimes we beat ourselves up if we have so much on our to-do list because we don't feel like doing anything. I want to tell you that it is completely fine if all you did today was breathe.  Just relax, take baby steps and you will surely feel better.

2. You are loved- All we need is one person to show us that they love us. Isn't it? And when we don't get that one person, we feel sad and heartbroken. But what if I tell you that you are loved by so many people, and especially by your body that works 24 hours a day to keep you going through. You just need to be with those people who genuinely love and care for you and you will feel how special you are.

3. Things are always working for you- Even if it doesn't seem like it, trust that you are being protected by your guardian angels, who love and care for you a lot. Whatever is happening is happening for your highest good. So trust the process.

4.  Happiness comes from within- You may think that if a certain thing happens or you get your loved ones back in your life, you will be happy. Of course, these things and people will add to your happiness but real happiness lives inside you. Just accept yourself as you are and you will feel immense happiness on the inside.

5. Everyday is a new beginning- The ending of something does not mean the end of life. Every day is a new beginning. It does not matter what you were yesterday. All that matters is what you are now. Remember that nothing, including negativity, lasts forever. They are doomed to disintegrate over time.

6. You are the one and only one- If you have the habit of keeping others on a pedestal, stop doing that because you are the most important person in your life. When you make others a top priority over you, that's where you lose yourself. Nothing and nobody is and should be above you.

7. What you give comes back to you- You need to instill in your mind that everything happens under the law of karma. This states that whatever you give, you will get. If you give jealousy, hatred, and negativity to others, you will get the same. The same applies to positive thoughts and feelings.  So think before you do harm to someone.

8.  A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles- Choosing gratitude brings contentment, joy, generosity, peace, forgiveness, and compassion, among other benefits. When you choose to reflect and find reasons to be grateful, you have less time to worry, grumble, live in fear, be bitter, and frustrated. So what are you grateful for now?

9. Slow progress is still progress- Today we want everything instantly. While we rush towards achieving our goals, we must keep in mind that achieving our objectives will require a significant amount of time and effort. We may be moving slowly, but we are still moving forward.

10. It is better to be alone than in bad company- Remind yourself that you do not have to indulge in a bad and toxic company just to avoid loneliness. Always seek the company of a wise, loving, and caring friend; if you don't find one, then be your own best friend. 

What thoughts do you create to live a better life? Tell us in the comment section below!

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