5 easy ways to immediately shift your negative thoughts into positive ones

Do you also feel surrounded by voices in your head? Have you ever tried to listen to what those voices want to convey to you? 

Do you get encouraged or upset after listening to them?

Although I am not a professional therapist who can finish off your overthinking or negative thought patterns, I am a keen observer of my thoughts, and I constantly pay close attention to them.

Your thoughts have power. Dont them lead you to the wrong way.

If I go back six months, I will find a different version of myself. I used to trust everything my head said and that my mind was in charge of me.

But now, I am the one who controls my mind. After all, I am the operant power!

I know how it feels when your mind is constantly uttering useless and wasted thoughts that do not have any value in your life. Negative thoughts drain and soak up our energy, and we feel tired without even doing any physical work. 

Before we realize or become mindful of our thought patterns, the negative thinking has already manifested in our reality and we continue to live the same experience again and again.

What causes negative thoughts to make a home inside our heads?

We don't even realize how and when one small thought turns into a toxic life experience. 

These thoughts can appear out of nowhere and settle in our minds. These negative thought patterns can cause us various mental and physical health problems, such as social anxiety, depression, stress, and low self-esteem.

But always remember that you are not your thoughts. No matter how long you have been in the tunnel, there is always a ray of hope. 

Therefore, I am going to share some easy and simple ways through which you can stop these negative thoughts to cause distress in your daily life.

5 easy ways to stop letting your thoughts hamper your daily life:

When we start becoming more aware, more present, and more mindful just like I mentioned in my ebook (in the spiritual self-love section), we can easily get rid of these patterns.

Here are some easy ways that can help us reduce our negative thinking:

1. Write it out- One thing that really helped me come out of my negative thought patterns was that I used to write down the negative beliefs and assumptions I had about myself or anything related to what used to bother me. Then I used to burn that piece of paper. It gave me a sense of peace. Some of you may not be able to do so, so I recommend that you begin by jotting down whatever your mind is thinking and then read it consciously. This will provide you with clarity regarding your thoughts, as well as make you aware of your triggers, which you need to heal.

2. Be compassionate- We often beat ourselves up because of what we think. Instead of being polite and empathetic toward our mind and heart, we start being rude toward ourselves. But we forget that it is not someone else talking to us negatively, but our own inner child who wants to feel loved and seen. Hence, it is important to be compassionate towards yourself. To accomplish this, you must begin speaking positively to yourself and conversing with yourself as you would with your best friend. This way, you can quickly identify what is bothering you and what needs to be healed.

3. Take responsibility- This is the most important step to overcoming your negative beliefs. Instead of acknowledging how we feel, we let our thoughts control our day and our life. Before we even think of jumping out of that black hole, our negative thought patterns have already consumed most of the areas of our lives, and then we wonder why nobody wants to be with us. It is essential for us that we do not let negative thoughts hamper our beautiful life. Hence, the next time you feel something is wrong or you are not feeling good, take immediate action. Shift your focus to something else. No matter how difficult it feels for you to do so, do it anyway! Because you are the creator of your own reality. 

4. Switch to grateful mode- Another way to focus yourself on something creative and productive is by feeling your blessings. We already have an abundance of resources but our negative thoughts do not let them see and feel and force us to focus on things that we don't have. When you feel low or upset, it's good to have a gratitude list where you can deeply feel grateful for even the smallest things that make a huge impact on your life. A good example is the eyes through which you are reading this post.

5. Pause & reflect- We often don't realize how our negative thoughts are taking us into turmoil. These negative thoughts can easily affect our mood and our lives. So, it's very important to be in alignment with yourself. The moment you catch yourself feeling low or sad, pause and think, what are you thinking? Ask yourself if these thoughts are that important? Practice mindfulness for five minutes to overcome these negative thought patterns.


You are NOT what others say or your thoughts say. Your thoughts do not have power. It's you who categorize them as positive or negative and give them power.

Let go of every negative thought that lowers your self-esteem and fill your mind with good, fulfilling, and positive thoughts. Your mind is the most common place where you visit. Make sure, it is the best place for you.

With these simple steps, you will gradually learn to be more mindful and won't let any negative thoughts disturb your peace. You can also check my new e-book "It All Starts With You" which is a self-help guide that will take you on a new journey of self-love.

So how do you deal with disturbing thoughts? Tell us in the comment section below.

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