How can you be kind to yourself? Find out here!

While running behind our goals and chasing outside attention, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

Not only do we get indulged in taking care of others but we also let others decide our worth.

In today's time, it's important to be kind towards yourself too. Kindness makes our lives worth living. Kindness makes our lives peaceful and those around us too.

So imagine when we start being kind towards ourselves. What would it be like?

how can you be kind to yourself

Why should we be kind towards ourselves?

Most people, especially men, hide their feelings or suppress them because men have been taught to be strong on the outside. However, we forget that both men and women are humans, and humans have feelings too. 
When we don't share our feelings with others, we deteriorate our mental health that impacts our physical health too.

The reason we should be kind towards ourselves is that:

  • It improves our mental health.
  • It makes us a positive person.
  • Kindness adds value to our lives.
  • We can easily get through tough times.
  • It improves our self-love and self-worth.
  • It improves our sleeping schedule.
  • It allows us to set examples for others.
  • People also start treating you better.
While we don't consider it necessary to make ourselves our priority, we end up hurting our sentiments on our own and blaming the outside circumstances for it.

It is equally vital to be kind to ourselves as it is to others. Being kind to yourself fosters happiness and confidence. How you treat yourself sets the tone for how others will treat you.

Tips to be kind towards yourself

Here are some of the ways through which we can practice to be kind towards ourselves:

1. Give yourself appreciation- There are a lot of things that we do daily that are either new or difficult and yet we complete them. When you see yourself doing such things or accomplishing a most difficult task, then you must appreciate yourself and give yourself some recognition. Because if you seek appreciation from the outside, you won't be happy. Also, people don't know how far you have come. So, always make time to appreciate yourself.

2. Forgive yourself- Maybe a few days back or a few months back, you were not what you are now. You did wrong. You made mistakes, and today when you remember that time, you curse yourself for being so stupid. But, instead of being guilty, forgive yourself and move on. Remember that version of yourself that no longer exists and you must move on in life.

3. Do what you like- Often, men are expected to accomplish the obligations that have been assigned to them, and while doing so, they forget to take care of themselves. They forget to meet their friends and enjoy a good time with them. While it's important to be career-oriented and earn money, one should always spare some time doing things for himself. So always try to inculcate at least 1 hour of your day for yourself.

4. Praise yourself- When you fail, make a mistake, or do something wrong, you have two options. You have the option of tearing yourself down or lifting yourself up. People who are kind to themselves chose the latter. Tell yourself that everything is going to be fine. Remind yourself of your previous triumphs to raise your morale. Then, devise a strategy for dealing with what occurred and put it into action.

5. Rest, recharge, and rejuvenate- Society worships productive people and makes them its role models. But what society does not know is that the most productive people take a break to work hard later. We must accept that sometimes doing nothing means resting. Taking some time to relax is a great way to show compassion towards yourself.


We all have days when we feel down and out. In these moments, we can either wallow in our misery and allow it to consume us, or we can use simple yet effective tools to nourish ourselves. To be kind to yourself, follow these principles because your feelings are the most essential. You are the most significant individual in your life.

Also, get ready because something big is going to happen! Great news is coming for you all.

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