Stop forcing people to stay in your life and start living alone

 Ask yourself- "Do you want to play a role of cameo in someone else's movie?" or "Do you want to play a lead role in your own movie?"

Of course, you would play a lead role. 

But you can't be a lead hero if you're chasing someone and asking them to stay in your life.

You are not seeing your worth and instead of wishing someone else to see your worth.

How is that possible? 

It isn't! So, if you want to be the star of your own movie and if you want to be happy, stop CHASING AND BEGGING others.

If you have to force someone to stay in your life then they simple do not belong there.

The majority of today's relationships appear to be failing solely due to a lack of connection between the partners. You can't make someone understand how much you need them. The opposite partner should be able to accomplish everything on his or her own.

The most essential thing to remember in this case is that you should never compel someone to stay in your life. You can't make somebody love you, care for you or remain with you. All you can do now is keep watching and give your best performance.

What does chasing or forcing mean?

When you want the other person to talk to you or respond to your texts or call you, it means you are chasing them. You are running after them when all they want to do is run away from you.

It's like a cat-mouse game where they are the latter and you are the former trying hard to get them.

Chasing or forcing is never a solution to sort things out. Chasing only implies lack. This means you lack something in yourself and that is why you want to get it from them. 

You get what you are. So if you are in a state of lack or resistance you will get the same.

To get what you want you need to change the dynamics.

How to stop forcing and start attracting?

What's meant for you, will always come to you. You don't need to chase or force it!

  • Stop using limiting beliefs- To attract love into your life you need to stop using negative words in your life. Many times we all say that we are not worthy of love or that we are not good enough this is why the other person has left us. But let me remind you- "You are a fucking goddess!" So realize the good things about yourself and do more of those things that make you a better human.

  • Grieve as much as you want- If you are sad because someone has left you, you don't need to blame yourself. However, you can cry as much as you want if you miss them. Acknowledging the pain is never a bad sign. It's good to let your heart out and be vulnerable. Most people numb themselves and act all strong-hearted which makes them emotionally weak and rude. This is why it's good to cry and grieve.

  • Let them go- The more the cat chases the mice, the faster he runs. The same is the thing with humans. Whosoever we will chase, would run away from us. So the only thing we can do is let them go. Here you need to accept the harsh reality and let them go wherever they want to go. You cannot make anyone stay if they don't want to stay. All you can do is focus on yourself and do things that make you happy.

  • Find a positive distraction- Distraction can be a great tool to get temporary relief over what is bothering you. Well, of course, you cannot use distraction to get rid of the problem you are facing because you have to go to its root to address it. But here, we can use a positive distraction such as music, books, or any sort of self-care activity to enjoy our being and forget about them.

  • Realize your worth- The most important thing you have to do is realize your worth. You have everything you need and, you don't need someone else. Instead of hoping if that other person will do XYZ only then I will be happy then you are not realizing your worth. Be aware of what you are and, there is nothing you cannot achieve.


Change the dynamics from forcing to attracting by changing your focus. Know that you are 100% worthy of receiving all the great things in life. The more you realize it, the more you will get closer to changing your life.

I hope this article has helped you to become more aware of your worth. 

Remember that you have a magnetic aura that you can use to attract things or situations that are beneficial to you!

Do let me know if you find this blog post interesting! 


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